Larsa Pippen Gets Flirty In A Denim Mini Dress On Instagram

Larsa Pippen wears a black outfit.
Ari Perilstein / Getty Images

Larsa Pippen shared a new Instagram photo today, as she rocked a denim mini dress. The outfit featured small sleeves and a low cut that left her cleavage on display. The dress had a close fit throughout, with her waist and curves accentuated with seams. Noticeably, the denim dress had a long row of silver buttons down its front. She completed her look with a pair of bright white sneakers. Her skin looked well-tanned in the shot, which was taken as the sun was setting.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star posed while facing the camera straight-on. She crossed her right leg in front while pointing her toes. She also raised her right hand by her ear, as she appeared to be playing with her hair.

Larsa pulled her locks back into a slick, high ponytail. Her hair was all brushed behind her shoulders for the photo. She accessorized with a sparkling bracelet, watch, and necklace. She also tilted her head slightly to the right and pursed her lips. The stunner sported dark eyeliner, heavy eyeshadow, and pink lipstick.

The reality TV star was seen posing at an outdoor plaza. Behind her was a rectangular area with a water feature, while palm trees dotted the scene. The sky was light pink and purple, with streetlights sparkling in the backdrop. On the right side of the frame were a row of boats, with many people mingling on the sidewalks.

Fans had tons to say about the photo.

“Wow. Looking young and flawless,” gushed a fan.

“Preciosa @larsapippen You are my IDOL,” wrote a follower.

“Om My God what a beauty,” said an admirer.


“Your allowed to dress like that in Dubai?! I thought it was illegal!? Lol,” wondered a fourth Instagram user.

It’s hard to know where Larsa is visiting in Abu Dhabi, but so far, she’s rocked some flirty outfits. It would seem that wherever she is has a more relaxed attitude towards a dress code for women.

This includes her outfit from yesterday, which included snakeskin-print pants. These were pretty tight, and she paired it with a black tank top. It was structured and shimmery, leaving her cleavage on display. Larsa posed with her right shoulder facing the camera and bent her left knee slightly. She gave a flirty smile with her lips slightly pursed and rocked heavy eyeliner. She also held a small Balenciaga bag in her right hand.

Larsa hasn’t indicated how long she will be in the area, but fans can hope for more photos in the coming days.