December 1, 2019
Lizzo Poses Nude And Records A Steamy Video On Instagram

Lizzo recently shared an Instagram update of herself posing completely nude for her 6.6 million followers.

Lizzo has been praised for her self-love and body positivity journey on her way to mega success. The"Truth Hurts" songstress made sure to stay true to that image with her latest post that stunned her Instagram followers Sunday. In one photo on the slideshow, Lizzo is sitting on an orange couch as she poses for the camera. She is completely nude in the photo, as she leans into a black pillow. Her legs are perched on the couch, and she is covering the front part of her body with her long, black hair. Her fans are able to see a navy blue curtain in the background and a bookshelf next to her.

In the second slide, Lizzo decided to tease her followers by showing off her beautiful curves even more. She is seen bent over on the couch, with her derriere subtly poking through her long tendrils. Her hand is gently placed on her chin and her other hand is placed on the couch. Her long, wavy curls are also covering her stomach as she looks at the camera. She is giving a seductive look to the photographer as she has her mouth slightly opened in the post.

In the third slide, Lizzo decided to give a crouching pose on the couch. Her hair is moved all the way to the front of her body, hiding her breasts and stomach. Lizzo is also hunched over in the photo as she looks at the camera. Her followers are able to get a glimpse of the singer's long, acrylic nails in the photo, as well as her burgundy matte lipstick.

At the time of writing, the photo slideshow of Lizzo received more than 600,000 likes. The photo also received more than 8,000 comments from Lizzo's fans.

"You inspire us so much, Lizzo. Thanks for be this amazing human being," one fan said.

"Girl, I LOVE you. Do it for us sis," another follower wrote.

Lizzo didn't stop with a slideshow to turn up the heat for her followers. The "Juice" singer also decided to give her fans a steamy video as well. The singer was seen crawling on the couch as she looked deeply at the camera. She is seen shaking her booty at first, then smiles at the camera as she begins to lean in closer.

At the time of writing, the sensuous video from Lizzo received more than 1 million views. The video also received more than 2,000 comments.

"Boo why you teasing us like this?" one follower asked.

"I wish I had ur confidence," another fan said, followed by a heart emoji.