‘Counting On’ Couples Try Their Best To Keep Things G-Rated When Asked A Question In New Clip


The couples of TLC’s Counting On just completed a marriage retreat on last week’s episode, and they seemed to learn a few tips along the way. Fans have seen the duos have their ups and downs, but there doesn’t seem to be a shortage of affection between the married couples. Some even more so than others. The network recently shared an extra clip on Facebook of the couples trying their best to answer a particular question that was asked of them by one of the producers. That led to them being told to keep it G-rated.

There were a few stares, giggles, and red faces during the video clip when the married pairs sat down with their eraser boards, as they were expected to write out their answers. This came after John David Duggar was seen pampering his wife of one year, Abbie, by giving her a french manicure that he learned at a nail salon.

As The Inquisitr had recently detailed, Jana’s twin loves to spend time with his girl by doing her nails. In the same clip, the other married couples were then asked if there was something that they do for their spouses that no one knows about. That simple question brought out a little friskiness in a few of them.

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The couples were shown thinking hard about that. That’s when the camera flashed to Joe and Kendra Duggar as they both stared at each other for a minute with a bit of a smile on their faces. The producer picked up on that and told them to keep it G-rated. Of course, there is no doubt that they would, but their faces may have given away what they could have been thinking.

John and Abbie also had a moment, and a few giggles, when they contemplated their answers. It was obvious exactly what was on their minds when John David wrote down that he couldn’t say what his answer is. Abbie also playfully noted that it was a mystery, as she refused to show what she wrote.

Josiah Duggar did write something down, but he was ordered to erase it after Lauren told him that he couldn’t show that. His face got a little red. The two other Counting On lovebird couples, Jinger and Jeremy, and Ben and Jessa, were more on the tame side. Jeremy said that he brings out his romantic side by cutting Jinger’s roses from her garden. Jessa cuts her husband’s hair and trims his beard, while Ben does most of the cooking in their house.

This clip has not been shown on Counting On yet. It looks like it is just an extra special clip for Duggar fans to enjoy.