Lohan Misses Flight To Los Angeles

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan reportedly missed her flight to Los Angeles on Sunday. The actress is scheduled to appear in court on Monday.

The Mean Girls star is expected to head back into court this morning (March 18). An anonymous source explained that Lohan originally booked a flight for yesterday evening. However, she reportedly missed that flight in order to catch one with her mom Dina.

Lindsay Lohan was in New York over the weekend to catch a band called City of the Sun perform at a local club. She is expected to be back in L.A. in time for her court date at 8:30 am.

Should Lohan miss another flight and skip out on her appearance, authorities said that a bench warrant will be issued for her arrest.

Showing up on time isn’t the only problem the actress has to worry about at the moment. A judge has reportedly taken issue with Lohan’s lawyer. Since the individual representing Lindsay isn’t well-versed in California criminal law, it’s unclear which attorney will appear in court.

“Somebody needs to come in to assist you who has some experience in California law for procedure, or Miss Lohan is going to have to come in here and waive her right to have attorneys who are competent in California law and procedure to go forward,” Los Angeles Superior Court Judge James Dabney explained to her lawyer.

Lindsay Lohan is currently facing charges of reckless driving stemming from a crash last summer. The actress is also being accused of lying to an officer about the incident. If she’s found guilty, then Lindsay court find herself behind bars once again.

Unfortunately for the actress, her problems don’t end there. A judge could send Lohan to jail for 245 days if it’s determined she has violated her probation.

Although it’s likely that Lohan made her way to Los Angeles yesterday evening, it’s unclear if the actress missed her other scheduled flight to the West Coast.

[Image by s_bukley / Shutterstock.com]