Katy Perry Rocks Ornaments In Her Hair And A Skintight Candy Cane Bodysuit In Christmas Music Video Teaser

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Katy Perry is helping her fans celebrate the most wonderful time of the year with a new music video for a holiday tune that she recorded last year. As reported by The Daily Mail, Katy released the song “Cozy Little Christmas” in 2018, but she just announced that the song’s music video will premiere on Monday.

Katy, 35, took to Instagram on Sunday to share a short teaser clip for the music video. It includes references to a few classic Christmas specials, and it gives fans a good look at two of Katy’s signature kitschy costumes. Katy Perry’s playful sense of humor is also on display in the fun video.

It starts with a shot of the pop star slamming back shots of eggnog in a retro kitchen full of dirty dishes. She’s using her empty shot glasses to create a Christmas tree-shaped pyramid on the counter.

Katy’s first “Cozy Little Christmas” character is all decked out in her holiday best, which includes a sleeveless white halter top, red plaid skirt, and arm-length red gloves. However, it’s her hair that is the centerpiece of her festive ensemble. Katy is rocking a red wig styled in a giant beehive, and it’s adorned with shiny glass ornaments in various colors. Sparkly green tinsel has also been woven into the hairpiece.

While her character’s look might be merry and bright, Katy has a Grinch-like expression on her face as she downs her eggnog.

She looks like she has a lot more holiday cheer in another scene. She’s wearing a strapless red ball gown decorated with silver tinsel garlands, and she’s dancing around in a cozy living room with a few holiday guests. They include various stop-motion animation characters resembling those that appear in Rankin-Bass Christmas specials: a holly jolly snowman, a furry yeti-like creature, a reindeer, and a wooden puppet boy. The group is also joined by a human Santa Claus dressed in summery attire. With his tropical shirt, this beach-ready version of Old St. Nick wouldn’t be out of place in Katy Perry’s “Harleys in Hawaii” music video.

The other character that Katy Perry plays in her “Cozy Little Christmas” music video has her naturally dark hair. She’s rocking a skintight red and white bodysuit designed to look like a sparkly striped candy cane. She’s also wearing candy cane earrings, and she’s sporting a silver headband with a star made out of holly sprouting from it. Her headwear is likely meant to resemble the garnish of an alcoholic, holiday-themed drink because the pop star is sitting in a giant martini glass full of an opaque white liquid. The rim of the glass is trimmed with red-and-white tinsel, and it has a giant candy cane dangling from it.

Fans will get to see the rest of the fun, festive music video for “Cozy Little Christmas” when it premieres on Monday at 12 p.m. PT.