Josiah & Lauren Duggar Show Off Newborn Daughter Bella In New Instagram Snap

A new photo of Lauren and Josiah's baby girl has fan's hearts melting.

Josiah and Lauren Duggar before they married.
Josiah and Lauren Duggar / Instagram

A new photo of Lauren and Josiah's baby girl has fan's hearts melting.

Lauren Duggar just gave birth to her and husband Josiah’s baby girl just three weeks ago and they are already out and about getting some fresh air. A recent snapshot was shared by the new parents on their joint Instagram account showing off their newborn, and their fans are quite excited to see such a sweet photo of Bella Milagro.

The Instagram snap was posted this time by Josiah, telling their 725,000 followers that their little family of three had decided to take full advantage of the warmer weather and take a stroll with the baby. It was in the 60s in Arkansas, according to the Counting On star. The two photos that were posted were taken outside. Josiah mentioned that they went downtown for their walk and it looks like they also did some window shopping as well. He said that he was taking a stroll with his girls.

The first pic had Lauren cuddling with Bella as she carried the baby in a front sling. The little one is all snuggled in tightly and looking comfortable. Her outfit is all covered up, but she does have a headband that has a pretty green bow attached to it. Bella appears to be smiling a bit in the photo.

Lauren is looking down lovingly at her daughter as she has her arms wrapped around her. The 20-year-old reality star is wearing a blue-and-white patterned sweater, just warm enough for the cool temperatures. She has her long brunette locks done up in a messy side ponytail.

The second snapshot showed Josiah together with his wife and baby. He and Lauren are smiling for the camera, while only the back of the baby’s head is showing this time. Bella has just a little bit of blond hair like her dad.

Duggar fans loved being able to see new pictures of the couple’s rainbow baby. There were many comments coming in after they were posted on Instagram. Many noticed how she appears to be smiling in this photo, as well as the professional ones that were done right after she was born. They also commented on how gorgeous she is.


“Seeing the two of you with this precious baby is the best! Congratulations!” one of their followers said.

“I love her sweet little smile while she’s nestled so close to her mama,” another person said.

A few days ago, Josiah and Lauren Duggar had shared a series of first family photos, as well as a clip introducing their daughter to the world. They explained the meaning behind Bella’s name and shared their excitement over the new addition to their family.