'The Bachelor' Spoilers From Reality Steve Tease Hometown Date Shocker From Peter Weber

Fans of The Bachelor have a lot to look forward to this winter with Peter Weber's season, according to all of the wild spoilers from blogger Reality Steve. While the gossip guru still has a few essential tidbits to confirm and release, his latest podcast did break down some intriguing new teasers related to contestant Victoria Fuller.

Reality Steve's spoilers detail that Victoria does get a hometown date with Peter in Virginia Beach, Virginia. However, it does not go as she would have anticipated. An ex-girlfriend of his apparently connects with him during the public daytime portion of the date and warns him of Victoria's reputation around town.

Based on these The Bachelor spoilers, many fans thought she would be eliminated after the hometown dates because of this. However, Reality Steve said Victoria got a rose and traveled to Australia for the overnights.

In his latest podcast shared on his blog, Reality Steve shares some additional bombshell tidbits about Peter and Victoria's pairing that will generate a lot of buzz as it airs this winter.

Apparently, the chat Peter's ex-girlfriend had with him did have an impact. Reality Steve's spoilers indicate that as Peter and Victoria were about to join her parents for the evening portion of her hometown, he confronted her about what he had heard earlier in the day.

The Bachelor spoilers suggest that this conversation did not go particularly well. Reality Steve says that the hometown date was cut short after this and that Peter never met Victoria's family.

Not only did Peter not meet Victoria's family, but Reality Steve's spoilers reveal that he broke up with her at this point. While that could have been the end of it, she seemingly showed up at his hotel the next morning in hopes of changing his mind.

When Victoria met up with Peter at his hotel, she somehow managed to win him back over. Reality Steve's spoilers don't detail specifics regarding this conversation, but before she departed, she had convinced him to keep her at least until the upcoming rose ceremony.

Whatever Victoria said during that conversation was apparently enough to convince Peter to move forward in exploring this relationship, as she reportedly did get a rose at the next rose ceremony. Reality Steve says that she did make it to the overnights and will be seemingly eliminated after the Fantasy Suites.

The Bachelor spoilers tease that it could be a wild ride this winter as viewers watch the dynamic between Peter and Victoria develop. It will certainly be interesting to see what the producers include regarding all of this supposed drama as the episodes begin to air in January.