Hannah Palmer Sizzles In A Red Bikini Top And Tiny Daisy Dukes

Hannah Palmer flaunted her curves in a stunning new video.

Hannah Palmer takes a mirror selfie.
Hannah Palmer / Instagram

Hannah Palmer flaunted her curves in a stunning new video.

Hannah Palmer rocked a revealing bikini top and bared a bit of her derriere in a pair of tiny Daisy Dukes. On Sunday, the blond bombshell took to Instagram to share her latest video promo for Bang Energy drinks.

Hannah was sporting a vibrant red bikini top that tied in the center of the bust. The garment featured thick straps, but it could barely contain the curvaceous model’s ample cleavage. Her chest jiggled around, bounced up and down, and spilled out of the sides of the top as she walked toward the camera in slow motion. She was also shown tugging on the straps and ties of her bikini.

Hannah’s sexy ad attire also included a pair of extremely short cutoff shorts. Her denim low-rise bottoms clung to the curves of her peachy backside. However, they were slightly loose at the waist, which made her flat stomach look even smaller. The distressed Daisy Dukes featured a few holes on the front and a frayed hem that was slightly rolled up to expose a bit more of Hannah’s perky derriere.

Hannah Palmer accessorized her racy ensemble with a pair of small cherry earrings that sparkled as she moved. The juicy red fruit also made an appearance in the caption of her post in the form of an emoji.

Hannah wore her beachy blond hair styled in loose, voluminous waves. She used her tresses to create movement in her video by tossing her head around, pulling her hair up in a ponytail with her hands, and running her fingers through it.

For her makeup, Hannah Palmer let her natural beauty shine. Her lashes looked real, and they weren’t coated with heavy mascara. She didn’t appear to be wearing any eye shadow, and her glossy, plump pout was a natural pink color. Hannah’s cheeks were dusted with just the slightest tinge of pink blush, and her flawless complexion had a soft glow.

Hannah Palmer’s video received more than 19,000 likes over the course of an hour, and one of the model’s followers claimed that it was so hot that it almost caused him serious harm.


“I almost wrecked my truck because of this thanks,” the fan wrote.

“Brb pulling my jaw off the floor,” another admirer remarked.

“One look at you, and we know that God most certainly ‘BLESSED’ America!” read a third response to her video.

Hannah Palmer’s 1.1 million followers never seem to tire of her Bang Energy drink ads. They had an equally enthusiastic response to another recent promotional video that saw the social media sensation sitting astride a scooter.