YouTuber Jason Nash Talks About What Being In The Vlog Squad Is Actually Like

Noam Galai Getty Images

Jason Nash has become a millionaire off YouTube, boasting 2.4 million subscribers. But before he met fellow YouTube sensation David Dobrik and became one of the platform’s elite, he was an assistant for Saturday Night Live, answering phones and struggling to make ends meet with dreams of being a stand up comedian. Nash is opening up about how he got to this point and what life is really like being apart of Dobrik’s infamous Vlog Squad, according to Insider.

Dobrik stumbled upon Nash in a comedy club and quickly recognized the potential hilarity he could bring to his popular 4 minute and 20 second vlogs. Before long, Nash became Dobrik’s right hand man, frequently performing with him in his videos in various stunts, pranks, and comedy bits alongside the rest of Dobrik’s clan of actors, musicians and friends that make up the Vlog Squad. As The Inquisitr previously reported, these videos have skyrocketed to success, earning Dobrik a People’s Choice Award.

At first glance, Nash’s life appears to be pretty glamorous. He gets to meet big name celebrities and has people coming up to him and asking for his autograph. However, it admits that while he’s grateful for his success, it’s not without it’s setbacks.

Nash is divorced and is the father to two children, Charley and Wyatt. Because of his frequent traveling, he can’t always spend as much time with them he may want.

“My main problem in life is just balancing my work and my kids. When I’m working I want to see my kids, and when I’m with my kids, you feel like you’re missing out on something. But to see that that’s every parent’s problem — that’s really therapeutic for me,” he said.

Nash plays a variety of different roles for YouTube skits on both Dobrik’s channel and his own. From Dog the Bounty Hunter to Dobrik’s assistant Natalie, it may seem as if he’s constantly inspired and engaged. Nevertheless, the constant production of content can be exhausting and there are time he’s certainly felt burned out.

“It’s great being a YouTuber, but then you burn out too. You kind of run out of ideas… Literally today, I have to make a video for my channel, and I don’t have one idea in my head.”

Luckily for him, he’s surrounded by a variety of diverse personalities that don’t let things stay boring for very long.

“We all have each other’s back,” he said of the Vlog Squad.