Stassie Karanikolaou Does A Sexy 'Vibe Check' As She Puts Her Bodacious Booty On Display In The Bahamas

Stassie Karanikolaou put The Bahamas on alert as she posed at a beachside drinks stand in Nassau. She hit up the North Atlantic city hot spot in her latest Instagram update while wearing a tiny bikini that showed off all of her assets, most particularly her bodacious booty. The jet setter seemed cool, calm, and collected in this social media post as she leaned into a counter, causing her prominent posterior to be featured because of the way she was standing with one leg slightly in front of the other.

As she modeled while a camera caught her in the act, Stassie held a fruity orange-colored drink in a plastic cup accompanied by a white straw while conducting what she called a "vibe check." In the first of a two-picture pack, she stared into the lens looking a bit mysterious as her photo was snapped.

This post was definitely different than her previous social media post. On Saturday, Stassie showed up on Instagram while wearing a glamorous gown made of mint green satin. However, she apparently was not in the mood or the need for such a covered-up ensemble on Sunday in The Bahamas. In fact, her entire demeanor had shifted as she showed off her more casual getup. She seemed much more relaxed and definitely much more comfortable as she rocked her colorful bikini.

The 22-year-old, who is famously known as being Kylie Jenner's best friend, wore a dark blue, turquoise, yellow, and green two-piece. The top was held up by a string halter around her neck with the stringy aspect also styled across her back. The bottom was cut up to her tiny waist, allowing all of her enviable curves to shine.

The social media star and fashion mogul wore her blond locks in a high ponytail, highlighting her subtle makeup. The natural beauty rocked enhanced and arched brows, a bit of mascara, and just a bit of gloss on her pink lips.

In the post's second picture, Stassie posed front and center, leaving her fruity drink behind as she modeled the front of her bikini. The bra-style top was gathered in the middle, causing her ample cleavage to be revealed. She wore a bit of bling in the form of a simple ring and a bangle bracelet as she offered a slight smile that was at once friendly and sexy, too.

A slew of Stassie's 6.4 million Instagram followers was taken with her latest post. Within less than an hour of being shared, she earned 288,865 likes and 1,681 comments. Many simply added emoji, like heart-eye faces, fire, and clapping hands, to the comments section, while others wrote about how they felt about the blond beauty's most recent update.

"You definitely passed the vibe check," stated one fan, who was referring to the star's caption.

"Nice pineapples," said one admirer, who could have been talking about the row of prickly fruit seen in Stassie's photos.