Katelyn Runck Lifts Top & Flaunts Tight Abs Wearing Barely-There Bikini Bottoms

Katelyn Runck poses for a selfie.
Katelyn Runck / Instagram

Fitness bombshell Katelyn Runck has been thrilling her 1.6 million followers with photos that showcase her incredible body. On Sunday, she gave them an extra-special treat and flaunted her rock-hard abs in a sexy crop top and skimpy bikini bottoms.

The post consisted of three photos that showed the model near a picnic table in a a park. She wore a choker-style white crop top that cut off just below her breasts. The unique number had an off-the-shoulder cut that created a sexy vibe. The top showed off Katelyn’s shapely shoulders and accentuated her ample chest. She paired the top with camouflage string bikini bottoms that didn’t leave much to the imagination.

In two of the pictures, the model was sitting on the table and leaning back just a bit. The pose highlighted her flexed abs while she lifted her top to show as much of her chest as possible. Her chiseled abdominal muscles popped as she held a package of prepared food in her free hand. With one knee bent and the other leg extended, she also put her toned legs and curvy booty on display. One of the photos captured all of Katelyn’s body while the other closed in on the model, giving her fans a good look at the ripped muscles in her abs.

The remaining snap showed Katelyn leaning against the side of the table with one thigh on the top of it. She was holding a package of the food on her thigh while her other leg was extended. She had a serious look on her face while she gazed ahead.

In two of the photos, Katelyn wore her hair up in a messy bun, and one showed her with her hair down. Her makeup included dark brows, blush on her cheeks and a nude lip.

In the caption, she plugged the company that sells the meals.

Her fans gushed over how hot she looked in the photos.


“You have one, whole, complete sexy body,” one fan wrote.

Another follower admired Katelyn for her healthy lifestyle.

“Katelyn you are unbelievable. What you have turned yourself into is not only one of the most beautiful women in the world, but into a inspirational role model for healthy life choices. Your dedication is, like you, special. Thank you.”

There can be no denying that Katelyn has a body worthy of envy, and she likes to show it off in a variety of outfits that include sexy dress and revealing bikinis.