Ariel Winter Gets Into Edgy ‘Rain Mood’ While Cuddling A Puppy In New Instagram Photos

Ariel Winter attends the HBO's Post Emmy Awards Reception at The Plaza at the Pacific Design Center.
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Modern Family star Ariel Winter was feeling the rainy mood on Saturday, as she told fans in her latest Instagram post. In order to drive away the blues, the gorgeous brunette — who is well-known for her love of dogs — shared a couple of cute snaps of herself cuddling an adorable but seemingly grouchy puppy. Famous for her humorous captions, the young actress pointed out that the dog’s sullen expression perfectly mirrored her own frame of mind.

While Ariel may have been feeling rather gloomy when she posted the photos, she sported a beaming smile in the eye-catching shots. The 21-year-old looked radiant while snuggling the puppy close to her chest, her gleaming eyes sparkling with joy as she shot a contented glance at the camera.

The endearing scene was snapped in a car and saw Ariel sitting in the driver’s seat while holding the pup in her arms. The actress was lovingly resting her cheek on the dog’s head and had her hands wrapped around the tiny fur-ball. Meanwhile, her canine companion — which was a white English bulldog with brown ears — appeared to be quite unimpressed with the evident display of affection, and simply looked out the window with a seemingly morose expression on its face. Due to the cuddling pose, the dog’s paws were raised in an ostensibly hopeless gesture, which further added to the animal’s apparent dour countenance.

Ariel described the pup’s attitude as “a MOOD” in the caption, using all caps to emphasize the high level of grumpiness. She added an explanatory parenthesis, likening the dog’s photo-shoot disposition to her rainy-Saturday mood.

“That dog is like hooman save me,” one fan commented on her post.

“Just the best. Bulldogs forever!!!” wrote another.

As fans were quick to recognize, Ariel was “in costume,” so to speak. The actress was dressed as her character from The Last Movie Star, Lil McDougal, and sported the edgy bombshells’ iconic tattoos and nose piercing. She also showed off the character’s long scarlet tresses and rocked a bold red lipstick to match the fiery-red look. Her shiny locks were styled with a mid-part and framed her beautiful face, falling down her back in a luscious cascade.

The sizzling actress wore a loose white tank top that left her shoulder and part of her back exposed. The skin-baring attire offered a copious view of the gripping tattoo she had on her upper arm — one of the many temporary tats that Ariel had to get for her role. She completed the look with a black manicure and added bling to her outfit with a lavish pair of massive silver rings.

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Actual day 1 with Burt ❤️ #film #set #dogyears

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“Bhad bhabie vibes,” commented one Instagrammer.

“The Last Movie Star was a beautiful film. I was a blubbering mess by the end,” remarked another, adding a loudly-crying-face emoji to better carry the point across.