John David Duggar Reveals A Romantic Gesture He Does For His Wife Abbie

Abbie Duggar has her own personal manicurist at home.

John David Duggar and Abbie on date.
John and Abbie Duggar / Instagram

Abbie Duggar has her own personal manicurist at home.

John David Duggar and his wife, Abbie, have been married for a year now, and their romance is still going strong. Fans have noticed from watching TLC’s Counting On that they are very affectionate with each other. They are not known for holding back their feelings. A recent clip that the network posted on Facebook revealed that John Boy, as Abbie calls him, has taken romance to a whole new level by learning to do a French manicure on his wife that she deems very romantic.

Sitting in their small kitchen in their home in Arkansas, John David is seen diligently making his wife’s nails look as if she came right out of the salon. He said that he went with Abbie one day to the nail salon and watched how they did it, and that is how he learned. He actually started doing it before they were married.

But why would he want to do his wife’s nails? The reality star explained that it saves money doing the job at home, but the main reason is to be with his wife. He says that he would rather have that time with his wife instead of paying someone else to spend time with her.

When the producer told John David that many people would say that this would be like getting in touch with his feminine side, he came back and said that it takes a real man to accomplish a French manicure. One person who got his stamp of approval was Abbie Duggar. She touted how romantic it is to have her own “personal handsome” manicurist.


This clip also revealed the exterior of the home that John and Abbie are currently living in. They have a cozy mobile home that is likely on some property owned by the family. The inside is fixed up nicely with their own special touches added. The camera flashed for a quick second to the wall where you could see the couple’s wedding photo taken on the airport runway with John’s small plane behind them. Their home is just the right size for the two lovebirds, but things could change once the new baby arrives.

Their first child is on its way early next year, and it was revealed last month that Abbie had been suffering from severe nausea that had her in the hospital a few times. Things have seemingly improved for her as she and John David Duggar are getting closer to welcoming their baby girl into the world soon.