Taylor Swift Celebrates ‘Friendsgiving’ With Gigi Hadid, ‘Queer Eye’ Star Antoni Porowski, & Others

Kevin WinterGetty Images for RADIO.COM

It appears that superstar singer Taylor Swift spent time with friends during this Thanksgiving week for a group “Friendsgiving” celebration. By the looks of the tidbits popping up on social media, it was quite the gathering of friends for this bash.

As Hollywood Life details, Taylor was spotted in a shot that Gigi Hadid shared via her Instagram stories. As Taylor and Gigi both smiled for the camera, they flanked Queer Eye star Antoni Porowski. Taylor sipped a glass of white wine as the photo was taken and the rest of the squad wrapped arms around one another and smiled for the camera.

Model Martha Hunt appears to be in this photo, and she paid Friendsgiving tribute to her love for Taylor in a post on her own Instagram page. Martha also shared the group photo on her Instagram stories and noted that she missed everybody already.

Since this shot originally appeared in Gigi’s Instagram stories, attendees aren’t tagged and fans cannot comment. However, it appears that stylist Ashley Avignone was there, as was a personal trainer and physical therapist Dr. Jari Haile. Jari and Ashley are frequent attendees at Taylor’s various parties.

It looks like this was a pretty casual Friendsgiving gathering, with people dressed in comfortable attire.

Taylor appeared to be wearing a cozy purple belted ensemble with a short, fitted navy blue jacket or blazer over it. Her blond hair was styled casually with a center part and she had her hair tucked behind her ear on one side.

Antoni wore jeans and a blue shirt untucked at the waist. He had sunglasses tucked over the neckline of his shirt and was also wearing an open jacket.

As for Gigi, she wore faded jeans and a matching denim jacket along with a fitted T-shirt that was tucked into the waistband of her jeans. Gigi seemed to have a couple of gold necklaces hanging around her neck and her brunette hair was straight and parted in the middle.

The group seemed to be posing in the kitchen and what looked like a cookie sheet was sitting on the table in front of them. Martha had a bite of something to eat in her hand and chances seem good that there were plenty of additional cocktails and snacks on a table nearby.

Taylor has been known for her tight-knit squad for years now. It’s not always the exact same group of people who gather for the singer’s bashes, but Gigi, Martha, Ashley, and Jari have been spotted at other parties before. By the looks of things, everybody had a grand time and are already eagerly anticipating the next gathering.