Ronan Farrow Reveals How His Relationship With Hillary Clinton Was Affected By Harvey Weinstein Investigation

Ronan FarrowGetty Images

Journalist Ronan Farrow claimed during a recent Financial Times interview that his relationship with Hillary Clinton cooled while he investigated sexual misconduct accusations leveled against Harvey Weinstein for The New Yorker back in 2017. According to Farrow, this shift in the relationship was due to the threat his investigation posed to power centers and the individuals connected to them, Newsweek reports.

“It’s remarkable how quickly even people with a long relationship with you will turn if you threaten the centres of power or the sources of funding around them. Ultimately, there are a lot of people out there who operate in that way. They’re beholden to powerful interests and if you go up against those interests, you become radioactive very quickly.”

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Farrow claims that Clinton pressured him to kill the Weinstein story. He made the revelation in his book, Catch and Kill, which outlines the challenges he faced throughout his investigation into the controversial movie mogul. According to Farrow, Clinton’s publicist, Nick Merrill, called him while he was attempting to interview the former Secretary of State for his foreign policy book. Merrill reportedly expressed concern with Farrow’s Weinstein investigation on behalf of Clinton’s camp.

Farrow also used his book to highlight how Weinstein himself tried to intervene in the investigation. The 31-year-old writer said during his Financial Times interview that Weinstein attempted to dig up personal information that could be used to halt the story. Farrow claims that Weinstein “went as below the belt as possible” and also called him personally, using the talk to reference his sister Dylan Farrow’s accusations against their father, renowned director Woody Allen.

“You couldn’t save someone you love, and now you think you can save everyone,” Weinstein allegedly told Farrow, who claims that each of his stories ignites attempts to “weaponize anything and everything.”

Weinstein also reportedly attempted to threaten Farrow’s employers at NBC News. According to Farrow, Weinstein threatened to expose former NBC Today co-host Matt Lauer’s alleged sexual misconduct, which was ultimately covered in Catch and Kill.

It appears that Weinstein’s alleged threats — which NBC News denies ever happened — may have worked to some extent. Farrow recently said on The Rachel Maddow Show that NBC News attempted to block his Weinstein reporting. He claims that Noah Oppenheim, president of NBC News, ordered him and his team to stop reporting on six different occasions. In addition, Farrow said that the head of the investigative unit below him ordered him to stop reporting eight times.

“That eventually escalated to ordering us to cancel interviews.”