Noah Cyrus Does A Hip Hop Move On A Couch & Holds A Bong While Hanging Out With Lucas Machado On A Lazy Day

Noah Cyrus attends Variety's annual Power event
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Noah Cyrus shared a campy shot of the “Lonely” singer and 26-year-old model Lucas Machado with her 5.4 million Instagram followers on Saturday afternoon. At about the same time, Lucas shared a photo of the same scene with his 70,400 social media fans.

In Noah’s version, she shared an image in which she was in the middle of a classic hip hop move being executed on a dark couch, while Lucas took the snap and stared into the camera with his mouth open. A follow-up photo in the same pack featured Noah in a closeup image as she took the same street dance position.

The environment in which this happened included a rumpled blanket on the couch and a number of framed pictures on the wall behind the sofa. The picture had been taken at an angle, causing the look of it to appear to be topsy-turvy.

Noah wore a pair of sweats, sneakers, and a white T-shirt as she danced on the couch, while Lucas rocked a dark hoodie and a bright orange beanie with strands of his dark hair peeking out from underneath the cap.

Noah seems to be spending a lot of time with the model. She shared Thanksgiving with Lucas at her family gathering in which the 19-year-old stated was a “sober” holiday with copious bottles of water sitting on the dinner table to assist in the hydration process.

According to Metro UK, Miley’s sister broke up with rapper Lil Xan about a year ago, but whether or not she and the Brazilian model are romantically involved or just good buddies remains to be seen.

Either way, Noah and Lucas obviously have fun together, as proven by her most recent social media update in which a number of the singer’s fans chimed in to add comments to the post.

“He looks like he’s about to choke on his own tongue,” said one observant follower about Lucas’ appearance on Noah’s Instagram snap.

“Noah what you doing lol,” asked another social media admirer.

Lucas’ Instagram post from Saturday featured the two of them in the same room in which Noah’s update had been taken. The multi-image post started off with Noah sitting on the floor while puffing on a big bong as she gave the rock ‘n roll/devil’s horns with her right hand. Lucas held up the peace sign. He rocked an earring made from a safety pin and a heavy chain necklace with a metal lock pendant.

In the subsequent photos of the pack from Lucas, the pair was goofing around as they appeared to be having a lot of fun. At one point, Noah gathered up the bottom of her T-shirt and knotted it in front, showing some skin and her tiny waist in the process.


Followers offered Lucas’ upload more than 2,800 likes and a slew of comments within an hour of being shared.

“That bong water thooooooo,” remarked one fan.

“Yall should date,” suggested another follower.

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