‘Anne With An E’ Fans Rail Against Netflix Cancellation, Rally To Revive Series

Still photo from Netflix's 'Anne with an E'

Earlier this week, Netflix announced that Season 3 would be the last for the fan-favorite series Anne with an E. Viewers were quick to voice their displeasure with this decision, and they have been rallying across social media ever since the announcement in hopes of a reversal of this heartbreaking decision.

As The Hollywood Reporter details, the series based on the novel Anne of Green Gables is ending with Season 3 which just finished airing in Canada on CBC. The Canadian network has had first-run rights for each season, so they have just aired the last episode and Season 3 debuts in the United States on Netflix in January.

Soon after Netflix and CBC released a joint statement confirming that Season 3 would be the last for Anne with an E, fans banded together to see if they could change the minds of those in charge. For starters, there is a petition at Change.org that has nearly 50,000 signatures, and the count keeps climbing.

Several hashtags have popped up on Twitter in support of this renewal effort. “Renew Anne with an E” has been a popular one among the show’s fans, as has “Save Anne with an E.” In addition to a swelling coalition of fans rallying for the show’s return across Twitter, people are speaking up on Instagram as well.

The post shared on the show’s Instagram page announcing the cancellation has sparked a lot of comments from those lamenting the news.

“It doesn’t bring a satisfying conclusion to Anne’s journey BECAUSE HER STORY ISN’T DONE #renewannewithane,” blasted one frustrated fan.

“This is such an excellent series! I am crossing my fingers for a 4th season. There is still so much to the story that should be told,” wrote one somewhat hopeful supporter.

“The amount of beauty in this tv show is not something you’ll ever come across again, so please don’t take it away,” shared someone on Twitter.


“Friendly reminder that Anne with an E should get renewed bc it tackles crucial topics such as discrimination, freedom of speech & vice versa. For some, the show is of importance whether it’s bc of a character or the story being narrated,” tweeted yet another disappointed fan.

At this point, there is no sign that CBC, Netflix, or anyone else is looking at reviving the show for a fourth season. Sometimes this kind of dedicated fan outcry does help, so it is certainly worth a try.

For example, Netflix canceled One Day at a Time after three seasons. However, it was later picked up by Pop TV for a new season that will debut in 2020.

Can desperate and determined fans save Anne with an E? That remains to be seen, but it doesn’t look as if those who have been following the series on CBC and Netflix are giving up yet.