Aussie Instagram Model Vicky Aisha Dons Black Leather Panties To Show Off Her Famous Derriere On Instagram

Vicky AishaInstagram

Australian Instagram model Vicky Aisha took to her page on Saturday, November 30, and shared a very hot booty picture with her 1.8 million followers.

In the snap, the hottie could be seen wearing a provocative lingerie set, comprised of black leather panties with a buckled waistband that she teamed with a skimpy leather bra.

To spice things up, the model posed for the picture by kneeling down on the floor while sticking her booty out, a move that provided a generous view of her enviable body for her fans.

Apart from her derriere, the model also showed off her smooth back and one of her thick thighs that had a flower design tattooed on it.

She also showed off the tattoo on her arm while she turned her head around to look straight at the camera. She left her mouth slightly agape in a very seductive fashion.

The model wore a full face of makeup to ramp up the glam and complement her sexy attire, however, due to the lighting in the picture, the exact colors of her makeup could not be ascertained. To add a tinge of sexiness to her look, the model decided to slightly oil her body.

She wore her blond tresses into two buns while she covered her forehead with graduated bangs. Vicky decided to ditch accessories so as not to take the attention away from her racy attire.

In the caption, the model wrote that she hoped everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving, adding that it’s not celebrated in her home country of Australia. She, however, wrote that she is thankful for her fans. She also asked her fans whether the sexy picture was appropriate for the occasion or not.

Within three hours of going live, the snap has garnered more than 23,000 likes and over 320 comments, as fans showered the model with numerous compliments. While most of the remarks were subtly flirtatious, some were quite sexually explicit in nature.

“You just f*cked up my Thanksgiving with this f*cking picture! Geez thanks!!” one of her fans commented on the snap.

“I think I want to fly to Australia and have dinner with you,” another one wrote.

“I am thank[ful] for this totally appropriate Thanksgiving post!” a third fan chimed in.

Meanwhile, a fourth fan complimented the model for her sexiness.

“You are sexy as hell and absolutely delicious,” they wrote.

Apart from her fans, the snap was also liked by a number of Vicky’s fellow models and influencers. These included Violet Summers, Erica Fett, Paula Manzanal, and Bianca Taylor, among others.