Cable News Mentioned Michael Bloomberg More This Month Than It Did Andrew Yang The Entire Year

Connor Perrett

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg may have gotten a late start into the Democratic Party's primary race for president, but that seemingly hasn't impacted his media coverage, as he reportedly has received more coverage from the major cable news networks the past month than American Businessman Andrew Yang has throughout the entire election.

The report comes Saturday from Axios, which cites data provided to the digital news outlet from NewsWhip, a social media engagement tracking platform.

On the day the billionaire and former New York City mayor officially announced his candidacy, he received more mentions on cable news than any other candidate had received in a single day since the campaign began except for Bernie Sanders and party front-runner former Vice President Joe Biden. Throughout the entire month of November, Axios reported that despite his late entry, Bloomberg had the most coverage on cable news excluding the former vice president and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, another front-running candidate in the race.

Despite the fact that Yang is polling ahead of Bloomberg, the former mayor reportedly received some 4,486 mentions in the first three weeks of November. Yang has reportedly received less than half of that – 2,167 – during the entire primary race so far.

As Axios noted, the NewsWhip data also found that stories about Bloomberg posted to social media gained more engagements, which includes comments, likes, and shares, than other Billionaire candidate, Tom Steyer.

While Bloomberg received steady coverage throughout the month of November, Axios noted that the billionaire received the most attention on the week that he officially entered the race for president. The story about Bloomberg with the highest number of interactions in November came from The Daily Caller, which suggested that Bloomberg would beat President Trump by six points in a hypothetical match.

There has been a particular feeling among Yang and his supporters that his candidacy has been snubbed by the cable news networks, and in particular, by left-leaning network MSNBC. Earlier this week, Yang fans trended "Tell The Truth MSNBC" after Yang said he wouldn't appear on MSNBC without an apology for its various snubs of his candidacy. While a source claimed that Yang had received an apology from the cable network, Yang said that was untrue, which caused his fans to demand that the network tell the truth.