Perez Hilton And Jax Taylor Engage In Brutal Social Media War With Accusations Of Drug And Alcohol Addiction

Jax Taylor (L) and Perez Hilton (R) in composite image
Duane Prokop/Charles Sykes / Getty Images/Bravo

Vanderpump Rules star Jax Taylor is engaging in yet another social media war, this time against celebrity blogger Perez Hilton. It all started when Perez made a video that made fun of YouTuber and online personality Trisha Paytas, which Jax didn’t think was funny or kind and prompted him to retaliate. Jax shared the TikTok video Perez made and slammed him for making fun of people’s looks, while simultaneously making fun of the gossip columnist’s looks as well. By the end of the day, Perez was accusing Jax of being an addict, while also suggesting he was bisexual.

“All this dude does is make fun of peoples looks… Seriously,” Jax first wrote according to Celebrity Insider. “Telling people they look ugly and do drugs when you look like the way he does, I mean how can you not just laugh at this complete idiot. Is he serious? People pay him for that? I don’t even know who he is?”

Perez decided to respond to Jax in separate Instagram and Twitter posts. The blogger took a screenshot of one of Jax’s Instagram stories about him and proceeded to blast the reality star in the caption of his post. This is where the accusations of addiction were presented.

In his Instagram post, Perez claimed he hadn’t made fun of people’s looks since 2010. He then proceeded to call Jax a “sh*t” person while admitting he had plenty of opinions on the reality star.

Perez then thanked Jax for promoting his TikTok and claimed he was getting tons of traffic because of it. To close out the lengthy caption, Perez then added a little bit of shade.

“In all seriousness: please don’t send any hate to Jax Taylor. We should all have compassion for those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.”


In a second Instagram post where he went after Jax, Perez went even further by suggesting the 40-year-old is bisexual and has sexually transmitted diseases.

“Maybe the rumors of [Jax] being bisexual are true! Sorry, boo. You can’t have a piece of me. I don’t want your STDS!”

Jax seemed to end the feud by not responding to any of Perez’s posts, but earlier in the feud asked the gay community what they thought of the comments his enemy was making. Perez continued to keep the feud going on one side by sharing several articles noting the feud on his Instagram feed, many of which suggested he won the fight against the Bravo star.