Kinect For Windows Received 3D Model Rending SDK Upgrade

Xbox Kinect Upgrade for Windows

The Microsoft Kinect is receiving an upgrade by way of a new SDK offering. Kinect for Windows version 1.8 marks the first time Microsoft is choosing to release code samples for its SDK through CodePlex. The development kit will be available starting March 18.

The Kinect Fusion upgrade brings with it the ability to create live 3D models in real-time. Objects created with the new upgrade can include humans and physical objects.

The Kinect Sensor can literally be picked up and moved around an object to scan the subject. The model is then built on the users machine after a successful scan.

Microsoft has included the ability to export the 3D rendering for use in other applications.

Kinect Interactions is also rolling out an update that brings a large roster of gestures to developers. Microsoft wanted to create a system that would allow developers to more fluidly take advantage of the Kinect’s basic UI. Microsoft fine tuned the platform to allow for smaller interactions to be identified. Microsoft points to “push to press” buttons over hovering button capabilities as a sign of its improved functionality. Developers using the new Kinect for Windows SDK can also more easily take advantage of two-person interactions and multiple user capabilities.

The Windows for Kinect SDK has been a popular set of options among developers. The last update brought with it seated tracking and facial expression recognition capabilities.

The Microsoft Kinect has come a long way in a few short years, and Microsoft plans to continue developing the gesture controlled system, offering new and exciting features in the future.

Are there still weak areas of the Kinect for Microsoft SDK you would like to see improved in future update releases?