November 30, 2019
Kate Beckinsale Stuns In Tiny Bikini, Waxes Philosophical About Risk Of White Bottoms

Kate Beckinsale shared yet another stunning bikini photo with her social media fan club on Saturday. This time, she was wearing a pair of pristine white bottoms. However, while they looked incredibly clean, Kate noted that they were one melted frozen treat away from disaster.

In her latest Instagram snapshot, Kate was pictured wearing a tiny mismatched two-piece that included a leopard-print bandeau top. The garment was ruched, which created small ruffles around its top and bottom edges. Kate's bottoms were white, and they featured a hip-hugger design that showed off a long expanse of her toned torso. The bottoms' only embellishments were two small ties on the sides. Kate completed her beach-ready ensemble with a pair of tan, strappy platform sandals. The dangerously tall footwear accentuated the athletic actress' sculpted legs.

Kate accessorized her outfit with a pair of over-sized cat eye sunglasses, and she wore an eye-catching gold bracelet on her left arm. It appeared to be the same piece of jewelry that she was pictured wearing in a previous bikini photo. She wore a matching gold ring on the hand of the same arm.

Kate flashed her hardware as she reached up to pull a few locks of her windblown, honey-tinted hair away from her face. For her swimsuit photo shoot, she stood in the sand in front of a stone wall and three palm trees, and posed with her legs spread.

In the caption of her Instagram post, the 46-year-old Underworld actress got philosophical by asking her 3.6 million followers to ponder what makes them human. Kate revealed that she has come to the conclusion that humanity isn't just tied to man's pursuit of knowledge, spiritual enlightenment, or scientific progress. According to Kate, what makes us human is "the fact that if we wear white bikini bottoms we will, within the hour, sit on a choc ice."

Kate Beckinsale's bikini photo and her musings about mankind received over 75,000 likes in the span of an hour. Her post was also met with a few questions from her confused followers.

"Speaking of mortality? Selene are you drunk?" wrote one fan.

"No I am British," Kate responded.

"Like a fine bottle of wine," another fan wrote, mentioning something else that's dangerous to get near white clothing.

"Payback for people who slip pieces of chocolate into other people's pants?" a third admirer remarked.

This comment was in reference to a prank Kate Beckinsale talked about during a 2016 appearance on The Graham Norton Show. According to Entertainment Weekly, the actress revealed that she once placed a small piece of chocolate between an unnamed roommate's buttocks while that person was sleeping.

One fan also quipped that Kate must have swapped Speedos after sitting on a chocolate-coated ice cream bar, which was a reference to another photo of the actress and her good friend, Jonathan Voluck. The two are currently enjoying a relaxing vacation in an undisclosed beachside location, and Jonathan is pictured rocking white shorts in one of Kate's sun-drenched snapshots. The photo included a silly caption about how she and her pal sometimes switch their swimsuit bottoms.