Mark Teixeira Injury Worse Than First Thought

Mark Teixera has worse injury

Mark Teixera might have a wrist injury that is more serious than when it was first diagnosed. The New York Yankees first baseman hurt his wrist while hitting off a tee in Spring Training. The injury was first called a sprain on the slugger was expected to be out 8-10 weeks.

New reports are surfacing that the injury might actually be a torn tendon sheath. If that is indeed what Teixeira is suffering from it could require season ending surgery. As of now, the team is hoping that despite the injury being worse than they expected, their first baseman will still be back around the same time he was expected before.

Mark Teixeira has actually returned to the team for the first time since March 5 and is expecting to get into some light drills next week. The first baseman said that the “tendon is fine … and we just want to make sure that the tendon is sitting in the groove right and it’s stable”

While some have pointed to playing in the World Baseball Classic as a perpetrator in this incident, Teixeira was quick to dismiss that. The slugger said that it would have been one thing if the Yankees hadn’t been playing any games but since games started February 23 he could have hurt it no matter where he was practicing.

For his part, Brian Cashman is also optimistic that his starting first baseman won’t need to go under the knife. Cashman cast the chances of avoiding surgery at about 75 percent.

The New York Yankees might be hopeful that Teixeira won’t need to have surgery but it also seems likely that they will be careful with the injury. The team is having to deal with quite a bit of their offense either leaving in the offseason or being injured.

With Curtis Granderson out for the first month or two it would make sense to want to get Teixeira on the field sooner. The Yankees have indicated they won’t be hurrying him back.

Do you think Mark Teixera’s injury is worse than first thought?