WWE News: Lana And Rusev Contract Status Revealed


The current adultery storyline involving Lana, Bobby Lashley, and Rusev isn’t the most popular angle among the WWE Universe, but the “Ravishing Russian’s” efforts to make it work appear to have earned her a new long-term contract with the company.

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, Lana has signed a new five-year deal which will keep her in WWE until the end of 2024. The terms of the agreement will reportedly allow her to take time off to pursue her acting and modeling projects.

Her real-life husband, Rusev, meanwhile, hasn’t signed a new contract at the time of this writing. However, according to the Pro Wrestling Sheet report, he’s currently in discussions regarding a new contract.

Since All Elite Wrestling burst onto the scene earlier this year, WWE has been keen to keep superstars employed with the company to prevent them from joining the competition. Rusev and Lana are both popular performers who could become big stars elsewhere, and WWE will be hoping that the former United States Champion sticks around with his wife.

Since returning to Monday Night Raw earlier this year, Lana and Rusev’s fortunes appear to have changed. Prior to the current affair angle with Lashley, both superstars had been relegated to the sidelines, with Rusev suggesting that they were set on leaving WWE as soon as their contracts expired.

Furthermore, some fans have interpreted the Lana and Lashley storyline as WWE’s way of burying Rusev before he left. “The Bulgarian Brute” disagrees with this assumption, though, as he recently praised the storyline for making a strong impression among fans and management.

Lana filed for divorce from Rusev on the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, marking the latest development in a storyline that’s included fake pregnancies and an abundance of carnal confessions.

However, while the divorce angle feels like a natural progression for the soap opera-esque drama, it could be WWE’s way of splitting the pair up on television should Rusev decide to leave the company in the near future.

Lana’s role in WWE is mainly that of a valet for male superstars, so she can always be paired with other performers and serve as their mouthpiece. WWE has mostly used her in non-wrestling segments, so she will have a future with the company as an on-air personality whether Rusev is there or not.

As documented by Wrestling Inc, AEW star Jake Hager recently encouraged Rusev to quit WWE and “leave” Lana as well. Hager has found success since leaving WWE, and he believes that Rusev can do the same.