‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Sky Days Poses On All Fours On A Table For Raunchy Couple Pic On Instagram

Sky Days takes a selfie.
Sky Days / Instagram

Black Ink Crew star Sky Days has been enjoying a romance with rapper 600 Breezy, and she shared a new raunchy couples pic on Instagram today. She was spotted posing on all fours on top of a table, as the rapper was seen sitting beside her. Sky appeared to be wearing a black bra and matching bottoms, while a tasseled belt made her look eye-catching. The tassels extended from her waist and fell onto the white table.

She spread her knees and arched her back on the table. She wore plenty of accessories, which included fishnet tights and black latex gloves that reached her elbows. Sky also sported a black, brimmed hat and a gold choker necklace.

She was seen with her chin up, as she closed her eyes and playfully stuck her tongue out. The reality TV star opted for a bright red wig, and some of her hair fell in the front of her right shoulder. She crossed her arms in front of her, as she grabbed the edge of the table with her hands. Her pose left her cleavage on display, although her boyfriend was the one who likely had the best view.

Rapper 600 Breezy was seen sitting down while using the phone, and he didn’t shy away from looking at Sky’s curves. He wore a simple white T-shirt and black bottoms, while accessorizing with multiple silver bracelets and a watch. He also wore matching chain necklaces and a pair of glasses. The rapper rested his left elbow on the edge of the table. In the backdrop were tall windows and gold curtains.

Fans seemed to be into the update, with the rapper leaving a sweet message for Sky in the comments section.

“I absolutely love my lady so perfect,” he gushed.

Fans also had plenty of nice things to say.


“He like hold let me call yu bak,” joked a follower.

“I love both of y’all, my favorite rapper out my city and yo fine krazy azz,” expressed an admirer.

“The way he’s lookin at you,” raved a fourth Instagram user.

Sky previously shared other couples photos last month. She was spotted with 600 Breezy in matching outfits, as they both rocked bright red jackets. Both of their jackets featured black fuzzy accents on the hood and on their wrists. They were seen getting cozy while posing outdoors. Sky also wore a white crop top and ripped jeans, whereas the rapper wore a pair of black pants.