'The Voice' Judges Appreciate Each Other: Blake Shelton, John Legend, Kelly Clarkson, & Gwen Stefani Speak Up

The Voice judges may quarrel as these arbiters express fighting words during the televised competition, but that is just good TV. Given that this is Thanksgiving time, it makes sense that Blake Shelton, John Legend, Kelly Clarkson, and Gwen Stefani forget the rivalry and admit how much they appreciate and are truly thankful for each other.

On Thursday, each of the four celebrities was forthright about one other person on the judging panel. Their reasons were expressed on a multi-part Instagram update intended for The Voice's 1.7 million followers.

Kelly was up first. The affable "Miss Independent" singer talked about why she is grateful for John.

She called him "really intelligent" and "really talented." The American Idol alum said she admires the 10-time Grammy winner because he is the same, on and off-camera. She also dubbed him "a cool dude."

Then John talked about why he is glad to be working with Blake.

The sultry singer said that if it was not for the country crooner -- who has been a The Voice judge since the very beginning of the series -- then he probably would not have been designated Sexiest Man Alive by People. The reason for his tongue-in-cheek remark came about because the two men have been sitting right next to each other for the duration of Season 17, so John thinks he actually "rubbed off" on Blake.

After that, Blake admitted why he is thankful for Gwen.

He said she brought "joy" back into his life.

"She has brought back that kid in me," he admitted about his girlfriend and television colleague.

Finally, Gwen spoke about the things she thanks Kelly for.

The "Hollaback Girl" hitmaker said that her fellow female arbiter and celebrated singer makes her laugh "all the time."

In turn, this post from The Voice judges, who are also mentors, was appreciated by the show's enthusiastic Instagram fans. The upload received 5,340 likes within a day of being shared, while an array of comments were also made on the post.

"Love you all thanks for entertaining all of us love the voice love you all so much," said one loving fan.

"Happy Thanksgiving to the voice and coaches. Thanks to the veterans also," stated another appreciative follower.

"I'm thankful for all of you!!! I love the voice!! And all of you!! I feel like I could hang out with all of you!! Enjoy today with your families!" remarked a third admirer, who added a host of emoji, including the symbols for praying hands, a turkey, a black heart, a maple leaf, a peace sign, and a fall leaf.

"I am so thankful that Kelly are thankful for John are thankful for blake are thankful for Gwen are thankful for Kelly are thankful for john are," stated a fourth The Voice follower.