LeAnn Rimes Exposes Bikini Line Tattoo In A High-Cut White Swimsuit To Promote Her Christmas Tour

Theo WargoGetty Images

LeAnn Rimes picked an unusual picture to promote a winter tour. The “Can’t Fight the Moonlight” singer rocked a revealing white bathing suit and posed outdoors before hitting the road for her “You and Me and Christmas” tour.

On Friday, LeAnn Rimes, 37, took to Instagram to announce the start of her seventh holiday tour. Her post included a photo of the country singer wearing a white one-piece swimsuit that featured a low scoop neck and high-cut leg openings. The garment’s bottom half exposed LeAnn’s hip bones and highlighted her long, lean legs. The pelvic tattoo right below her bikini line was also visible. It reads “Still I Rise,” which is the title of a Maya Angelou poem.

LeAnn held a black cowboy hat in her left hand, and she wore a pair of black booties designed to resemble cowboy boots. The singer’s blond tresses were styled in soft waves.

LeAnn Rimes’ photo shoot took place outdoors on a dusty dirt road. The location appeared to be somewhat secluded, but the roofs of a few buildings were visible in the background. LeAnn was surrounded by hardy desert vegetation like Joshua trees, yucca plants, and various shrubs.

She was standing on the left side of the road with her back to an approaching 18-wheeler, and she had her right thumb up in the air as if she were hitchhiking. The “How Do I Live” singer had a smile on her face and was glancing down at the ground with her head slightly turned to the side, making it appear that she was look back at the truck from the corner of her eye.

In the caption of her post, LeAnn Rimes revealed that her “You and Me and Christmas” tour is about to begin. Many of her Instagram followers responded to her photo with jokes about her choice in attire, noting that it isn’t exactly winter-friendly.

“I hope you got some pants?!.. it’s cold in some states,” wrote one fan.

“Who needs pants!?” LeAnn responded.

“I am sure this photo wasn’t takin in L.A because it’s super freezing over here lol,” read another comment.

“Ummm…. There’s snow on the ground here in Utah but it suddenly feels extremely hot right now,” a third admirer wrote.

“That trucker got a better view,” a fourth fan remarked.

According to Country Living, LeAnn Rimes will kick off the first leg of her “You and Me and Christmas” tour on November 30 at The Vine at Del Lago in Waterloo, New York. Her tour includes 11 stops, and it will run through December 15.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, LeAnn Rimes showed off her holiday spirit earlier this month by straddling a plush reindeer to promote her Hallmark Channel special.