James Van Der Beek Opens Up In Emotional Instagram Post About 'Dancing With The Stars' Fans & Wife Kimberly

The last week of James Van Der Beek's experience on Season 28 of Dancing with the Stars was an incredibly difficult one. Not only did his wife suffer a miscarriage that had her life on the line for a while, but he also faced a stunning elimination from the show. Now, less than two weeks after all of that went down, he shared a touching Instagram post where he paid tribute to the DWTS fans and his wife, Kimberly.

James' emotional Instagram update came on Friday afternoon, the day after Thanksgiving. The photo was a gorgeous shot of Kimberly as she rested after the family's holiday meal. James obviously loved the snapshot and thought it was the perfect background for a post about how thankful he feels right now.

In his lengthy caption, the Dancing with the Stars semifinalist detailed that he has newfound gratitude for having his wife with him now. She was hospitalized in the wake of her recent miscarriage and things were reportedly touch-and-go for her for a while.

James admitted that things got quite scary for the family during this experience and it provided a major wake-up call for him. He said he has taken a step back to evaluate what he has been taking for granted and is making an effort to vocalize his gratitude and appreciation for all of the support he has received.

The Dancing with the Stars contestant admitted that he wasn't sure whether it was wise to be thankful for his significant social media fanbase. However, as James explained, he is appreciative of the quality of his following and how supportive they have been as he has been open and honest about the pain he and Kimberly have endured in recent weeks.

Kimberly herself commented on her husband's post and shared a similar photo from the Thanksgiving celebration on her own Instagram page.

"Baby... more grateful than ever for you. And yes, all these people here that are so loving and we get to share this journey with," Kimberly wrote on James' post.

James' update received nearly 30,000 likes in just a few hours and almost 400 people added comments filled with more love and additional support. As heartbreaking as it was to watch him work through both the miscarriage and the stunning Dancing with the Stars elimination all in the same episode, it looks as if fans are quite grateful they had the chance to step up and support the family during this incredibly difficult time.