‘Daylight’ Demo Will Be Playable At Pax East

Daylight demo

Daylight will have a playable demo available at next week’s PAX East conference. The game, put out by developer Zombie Studios doesn’t have a ton of information available at the moment so this will be the first look for most gamers and media members alike.

PAX East has been a platform that plenty of games and game companies have used to launch themselves forward in recent years. This year, Blizzard has already said that they will be announcing something big next week. Games like Max Payne 3 have also been debuted at the conference in past years.

Daylight was announced back in February and has been getting more and more attention since that announcement. Zombie isn’t putting all of its eggs in one basket as the studio will also be giving gamers a chance to get their hands on look at Blacklight: Retribution‘s new Onslaught Mode.

The company says that there is even going to be a competition at their booth with the winner getting a free copy of the PC version of Retribution. This new horror game that Zombie Studios is putting out is still a bit of a puzzler.

No trailers have been released yet but we do know that the game revolves around you waking up in an abandoned hospital with only your cell phone providing any illumination. The game has you examining the “criminal past” of the hospital as you try and find your way out.

The company says that this game is built to be played alone in the dark. This procedural horror game will be played on the Unreal Engine 4 and will be offered up at Astro Gaming’s booth.

Jared Gerritzen, Creative Director at Zombie Studios issued a post on the developer’s website in which he talked about the fact that PAX East will be the first time that anyone outside of the development team have gotten their hands on the game.

Daylight doesn’t yet have an official release date.