Haitians get to enjoy watching cruise passengers have a BBQ

Chalk this up as a stupid and heartless – not to mention totally bone-head – move by the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines’ ship Independence of the Seas.

I understand that live must go on for the rest of the world which means cruises will still carry on. However tying your ship up to its private playground dock that is constantly patrolled by armed guards while Haitians on the other side of the security fence are still digging themselves out from being buried alive might not be the best move.

Top that off with encouraging your passengers to head out to the private beach to frolic on water ski-doos and spark up the ol’ BBQ to enjoy burgers and steaks while children on the island are dying is more than a little heartless.

I don’t care if you justify it by saying it was a part of a humanitarian trip just because you off-load 25 pallets of supplies. That doesn’t mean you need to rub the noses of disparate and starving people in how the other half lives.

Dumb move Royal Caribbean. Dumb move.

Granted the company has pledged $1 million to the relief effort and not all passengers could be callous enough to spiffy up their tan on the beach.

Some booked on ships scheduled to stop at Labadee are afraid that desperate people might breach the resort’s 12ft high fences to get food and drink, but others seemed determined to enjoy their holiday.”I’ll be there on Tuesday and I plan on enjoying my zip line excursion as well as the time on the beach,” said one.

Source:Guardian Online

Photograph: Daniel Morel/AP