Ariel Winter Is Smoking Hot In A Plunging Sequin Dress With Her Sister

Modern Family star Ariel Winter wowed fans after being pictured looking smoking hot in a plunging dress with oversized sequins. This picture was taken with her "ride or die," sister Shanelle Gray-Workman, and was posted on her Gray-Workman's Instagram account.

In the shot, Ariel wore a dark silver dress that beautifully emphasized her alabaster skin. The base material of the dress appeared to be black, with the sequins over it a dark metallic color. The sequins were very large, adding a fun retro vibe to the outfit -- like something that might have been worn at Studio 54.

The dress featured a very deep neckline, which extended nearly to under her bust, and showed a generous amount of cleavage. The garment also had chain strap accents, which wrapped around her neck in a halter style, which only added to the vintage theme.

Ariel styled her dark brunette locks into a choppy and textured bob. The trendy center part ably flattered her facial features as well.

The Sofia the First actress finished the look with eyeliner, mascara, the slightest hint of blush, and a light pink lip. She wore no accessories, letting her dress be the main focus of her look.

The brunette beauty was posed leaning against her sister, who is an actress herself, with credits that include the popular soap opera, One Life to Live. The two are incredibly close; in fact, Shanelle was even named Ariel's guardian when the Modern Family star was a teenager.

Shanelle continued the sparkly festive theme with her own metallic dress. Like her sister's, it was a silver color, though much lighter in tone and with normal sized sequins. She also matched her sister in makeup and hair, with the choppy textured bob, mascara, and light pink lip.

They both extended their arms to show off their matching tattoos. The sisters first got the ink back in 2016, and claimed that the design was a "special date" for the pair written in Roman numerals, as reported by The Daily Mail.

The upload earned over 1,000 likes -- including from Ariel herself -- and around 30 comments.

"You are both so beautiful," one user wrote, along with a red heart emoji.

Ariel, meanwhile, responded to Shanelle's caption, in which the 41-year-old joked about always being able to say "told you so" to her sibling.

"LMAO I feel attacked," Ariel commented.

"Or loved you say potato I say potatttto," Shanelle sweetly responded.

Ariel is back in the states after going on a European vacation. The stunner is likely happy to be home, as she talked about missing the warm Los Angeles weather in a fresh-faced selfie, as was previously covered by The Inquisitr.