Hannah Palmer Nearly Spills Out Of Lace Top In Black Friday Post

Instagram sensation Hannah Palmer sent temperatures soaring today when she shared a photo on the social media platform that saw her nearly spilling out of her top.

In said picture, Hannah was sitting alone, posing inside a large room with white walls. A work table, part of a sofa, fold-up chairs, clothing racks, and doors were in the background. She sat under a bright light, which highlighted her flawless skin. The lighting also made her bright green eyes pop.

The photo captured Hannah from the waist up. She wore a black corset top that featured lace detailing along the top edge and delicate lace straps that fell down over her shoulders. The number laced up the front and on one side. The sexy garment was incredibly low cut, coming dangerously close to exposing Hannah's nipples. The blond beauty made her cleavage the main focal point in the photo by squeezing her arms against the side of her chest. The pose made it look as though her bosom was about to spill out of the top.

Hannah's makeup looked perfect and included a light application of mascara, contoured cheeks, and rose color on her lips. Her hair was tossed over to one side, and fell down in loose waves over one shoulder. The beauty decided to let the photo be all about her good looks, skipping the accessories.

In the post's caption, Hannah plugged her 2020 calendar, which is discounted for Black Friday.

Judging from their responses, her followers were thrilled with the shot.

"Sensationally beautiful such an incredibly flawless body just perfectly stunning," said one impressed follower.

"The sexiest woman ever," wrote a second fan.

"You are an angel fallen from heaven," a third user gushed.

"You have the capability of killing people with just looking and smiling at them," quipped a fourth admirer.

The beauty definitely seems to know exactly what her followers like to see -- which seems to be plenty of skin. It helps that Hannah has a body made for bikinis, and she doesn't seem to have a problem wearing revealing outfits. She recently shared another busty photo that got quite a bit of attention. Most of her Instagram feed features her flaunting her cleavage in one way or another, but every once in a while, she will post a shot showcasing her other feminine assets. While her content may not be for everyone, her fans love to see what she will share next.