Abigail Ratchford Flounces Ample Assets While Kneeling In Skimpy White Swimsuit

Abigail Ratchford wowed fans when she recently shared a photo on Instagram. The raven-haired vixen was clad in a skimpy swimsuit that left very little the imagination. In typical Abigail fashion, she elevated her look to the next naughty level.

The "Queen of Curves" knows how to rock any outfit. For her most recent upload, she flaunted all her assets in a one-piece suit that clung to her figure. The white swimwear contrasted against Abigail's bronzed skin that glistened in the pool as she posed on all fours.

In fact, the model's hordes of fans could see ample amounts of her skin as the thong exposed her round booty for all to see. The brunette posed in a pool where she knelt on a step while resting her elbows and forearms poolside. She raised her derrière out of the water. The post allowed fans to see her bountiful cleavage as well.

Although the photo shows a side profile of the Instagram star, one is still able to see her chest area. Of course, Abigail took it one step further by pushing the straps of her swimsuit down to bare more of her chest. The bathing suit's risqué design also featured a gold chain across her waist that showed off her flat stomach.

The social media influencer rocked her accessories. She wore gold chandelier earrings and a gold bracelet on each wrist. Abigail wore her black hair in a middle part and a half-up style. She braided some of her hair on each side and let the rest fall down in loose, soft waves that framed her beautiful face.

Abigail has 9 million followers on her Instagram. The model keeps her fans happy by giving them what they want on a consistent basis. Nobody can say that she is stingy with her photos as she regularly uploads new content.

This particular image has already racked up an impressive amount of views. In the six hours since it was first posted, it has already accumulated more than 110,000 likes. While many of her followers posted heart, fire, and smiley emoji, some of them also commented with words.

One fan simply thanked the hottie for sharing the snap. "Thank you for blessing us with your beauty this morning."

Another made sure that Abigail knew, "This made my thanksgiving, gat [sic] damn."

She also received a stunning compliment from one particular follower.

"Abigail Ratchford, the women [sic] who when she posts a picture on Instagram, she steals the show!