Kendall Jenner Looks Model Perfect In Skintight Black Ensemble Showcasing All Her Enviable Curves

Whether she's wearing a fancy ball gown, a sexy playsuit, or simply rocking a casual outfit, Kendall Jenner looks like a model both on and off the runway. In her most recent Instagram post on Friday, the stunning 22-year-old shared a three-picture update while she wore a two-piece black outfit that covered her from neck to ankle.

In the first photo, as she stood next to a gorgeous infinity pool, Kendall threw her head back while she looked up at a storm cloud-filled sky. With her back to the camera, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star's brunette locks, which had been parted in the middle, fell down to her tiny waist. Her arms were held out from her sides as if she was able to fly while she took in the fresh air from a destination ripe with snow-capped mountains.

For the picturesque post, Kendall wore a long-sleeved black sweater with a turtleneck and a skintight pair of black pants. The ensemble showed the tall, lean celebrity's model-perfect figure, with her pear-shaped bottom featured in the first of three photos.

In the second shot, also taken of her backside, Kendall looked down at the beautiful pool. In this camera capture, the beauty's enviable thigh gap was seen in all its glory.

Finally, in the third snap, Kendall stood at an angle as her smiling face was finally seen. As she grinned from ear to ear, the reality star rocked a full face of natural-looking makeup, including enhanced brows, smoky shadow, black mascara and liner, and a pink lip. She was standing in such a way that a tiny bit of her fit tummy made an appearance while the tight sweater she wore gave her curves a chance to shine.

For that last of three photos, Kendall bent one arm while she let the one loose near her side. She seemed to be on her way to somewhere else as one high-heeled shoe was ahead of the other in a short and sexy stride.

Kendall's Friday share was liked by a large part of her 119 million followers -- including by fellow model Gigi Hadid -- within four hours of being uploaded.

In addition, the newest post from the prolific social media user was gifted with copious comments. So far, 11,344 users chose to comment on her snaps, including a number of her close and caring contingency of friends and colleagues.

"Are you getting taller?" asked one Instagram user, who added a monocle-faced emoji to her comment.

"I also look like this after thanksgiving dinner," joked a second admirer.

"Black Is my happy color," said a third fan.

"How does someone get to look like that," wondered a fourth follower, who apparently would like to emulate Kendall's enviable body.