Britney Spears Reveals She Has 'So Much To Be Grateful For' In Candy Cane Snap

Britney Spears was getting into the holiday spirit with her Instagram post today — and her fans loved it.

In the photo, a glass milk bottle can be seen with two red and white candy canes looped over the side and nothing more. The jar sits on a wooden table in front of a white tile wall.

The Christmas-themed snapshot also included a piece of paper rolled up into a scroll with some twine wrapped around it. On the table next to the candy canes are a few sprigs of greenery and a very tiny pine cone, which sits between the branches and the bottle. The pine needles bushed out across the table.

In the corner of the photo, it was revealed that Andrea McClain was the person who snapped the simple yet sweet picture, which Britney seemed to love enough to post it to her account.

In the caption, Britney revealed that she has "so much to be grateful for over these holidays!!!!!"

Of course, the singer's over 23.1 million followers loved the snap, although it didn't feature Britney at all. Fans clicked like button over 42,000 times and left over 720 comments in two hours after the post was shared to the network.

"We're grateful for you babes," one of Britney's Instagram followers wrote in the comment section of the post.

"Grateful for YOU! Love you so much B!" another loyal fan gushed over the singer.

"We are grateful you're in such good spirits Brit," a third social media user said.

"It is always amazing to see Britney feeling good and enjoying her life. We're so grateful for you queen! Thanks for the holiday post! It really got me in the Christmas spirit!" a fourth comment read.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Britney posted a sweet video last week that revealed that although she has traveled the world and seen tons of beautiful and exotic places, she still feels like home is where her heart resides.

In the video, the singer stunned in a yellow romper with flowers on it, as well as with and a gold necklace. She wore her long, blond hair pulled up into a messy bun and sported her usual smudged black eyeliner look while giving a quick wink for the camera — and her happy fans.

That post proved to be a popular one for Britney. It has racked up over 1.6 million views and more than 6,400 comments to date.