Instagram Bombshell Anna Katharina Sizzles In Frilled Orange Bikini, Asks Fans About Thanksgiving Leftovers

Anna Katharina is showing off her bombshell figure in the latest photo series on her Instagram page. In the shared snapshots, the blond beauty is pictured in an orange halter-neck bikini that shows off her cleavage and enviably toned midsection. The bikini top features a frill under the bust, while the tiny briefs have two small knots on either side.

In the shots, Anna is wearing her hair loose and straight. In the first image, she's standing near a pool with her hands on her hair. Her eyes are closed, allowing the viewer to see that she's wearing bronzey-gold eyeshadow with dark liner and mascara. It's a soft and glamorous makeup look that compliments the hazy, dreamlike atmosphere of the photo.

In the second photo, the model is sultrily posing in a spherical chair with a seductively sleepy look on her face. Unlike the first image, there's no pool in the background of this one.

In the caption, Anna revealed that the swimsuit is from Fashion Nova, a fast-fashion brand that she has worn in several of her other photos. She didn't reveal the name of the orange bikini, however.

Anna's caption also asked fans about the Thanksgiving leftovers they were looking forward to eating. However, many of the commenters seemed to ignore the question and instead focused on showering Anna with praise.

"Incredible angel what a sexy structure," one fan wrote.

"So totally gorgeous," another added. "Such an insanely incredible body wow."

A third fan seems to have forgotten Anna's question in the caption.

"Wow, what was the question again," they wrote.

A fourth fan was a lot more enthusiastic with their compliment.

"Ooooooohhhhhhmmyyyygoooossshhhh," they wrote. "Hottest girl on earth."

Anna is likely used to receiving these types of comments on her posts. As The Inquisitr reported, she got similar feedback on a previous post in which she rocked a pink bikini while standing in a dark, creepy tunnel. In the caption, Anna disclosed that the two-piece swimsuit was from Fashion Nova and that she was standing in the tunnel because it offered great lighting for the photoshoot. The bikini was similar to the one that Anna was wearing in the most recent photo on her Instagram page, but it didn't have the frill and the knot details.

That social media update has accumulated over 25,000 likes since it was posted six days ago and over 400 people have commented on it.