'General Hospital' Thanksgiving Recap & Spoilers: Unexpected Surprises & Drama Unfolds

Thanksgiving in Port Charles has been chock-full of drama this year. Thursday's General Hospital had Mike as confused as ever, Alexis getting into big trouble, Finn receiving some disturbing news, and as SheKnows Soaps indicates, Julian reverts back to his old ways by taking drastic measures. All of this is just the beginning of the holiday.

Sonny brought Mike home so he could spend Thanksgiving with his family. Unfortunately, things got a little out of hand quickly. Mike was very confused and didn't know any of his loved ones. He worried Carly when he picked Donna up and was jostling her around. Then he got upset when she was taken away and had a wrestling match with Sonny. That was when Sonny realized that his dad is a danger not only to himself, but also for his family. He tearfully told Carly to call for someone to take him back to Turning Woods.

Also on Thursday's General Hospital, Alexis finally discovered exactly who Kendra is and that Neil was right that she was the one who poisoned her. However, it may be too late for her. Alexis was hit over the head with a rock as she saw Keifer's headstone and Kendra standing over her. The previews for Monday's show revealed that Kendra will go off on Alexis telling her that her brother didn't deserve to die. Will Neil or Julian find her before it's too late?

Julian may have his other problems to worry about besides his ex-wife. He was seen tampering with the brakes on Brad's car. He will later learn some devastating news. The previews for next week's General Hospital reveals that both Brad and Lucas are in the car with Lucas driving. The Inquisitr had previously teased that Julian's actions may turn out to be something that he will end up regretting, and that will all explode next week.

Finn just found out that he has a daughter and as if that wasn't a big life change, he is also unexpectedly about to become a full-time daddy. Just as he and Anna were just about to host a Thanksgiving dinner for their loved ones, Finn discovered Hayden's note saying that she was in serious trouble and that she had to leave town without their daughter. Finn was obviously concerned and came to the realization that he has been left in charge of Violet, who he just found out is his.

General Hospital will not have a new episode until Monday, December 2, but the Thanksgiving drama will continue in Port Charles as the Quartermaines get together for their pizza feast with Lulu losing it with Brook Lynn over Dante. Also, look for the Brad and Lucas accident to happen and Alexis coming face-to-face with the person who tried to kill her.