Alisha Wainwright's Father Comes To Her Defense Amid Rumors Of Affair With Justin Timberlake

Alisha Wainwright's father is coming to her defense amid rumors that the actress is having an affair with married co-star Justin Timberlake.

Last week, reports emerged that the two were spotted getting very cozy at a New Orleans bar during a break in shooting for the new movie, Palmer. Pictures showed the two holding hands, and witnesses said afterward that Alisha had her hand on Justin's knee before the two left together via a back exit.

Now, Alisha's father, Jeff Wainwright, is downplaying any speculation that the two are romantically involved. Speaking to The Daily Mail, Jeff said that this kind of story is common in the entertainment industry.

"They are working on a movie together," Jeff said this week. "I did not make anything of it, really. I am a music producer, so I am used to all the hoopla. This is the business we are in. This is how it goes."

Jeff admitted that he did not know if any of the romantic rumors were true, saying that he didn't know if Alisha was in a relationship. He noted that his daughter tends to keep her family life separate from her romantic life, and that the topic of dating doesn't really come up.

"She has always been a big traveler and open-minded," he continued. "Even if there is something (going on) I would not know. When you are in show business, you separate family from the business. When you are at home with your family, you talk about other things. You don't talk about this crazy stuff."

Others have already shot down reports that Justin and Alisha were in any way romantically involved. A rep for the actress told Us Weekly that there was "no validity" to the reports that the two were having an affair.

But speculation continues to mount. After the two were photographed getting close at the Bourbon Street bar, another report claimed that the two were seen leaving a trailer together on the set of their movie. As The Inquisitr reported, a witness saw Alisha leave the trailer and said Timberlake emerged a short time after that, with a source saying the actor was not wearing his wedding ring at the time.

Timberlake has been married to actress Jessica Biel since 2012, and the two have been held up as one of the more solid couples in Hollywood.

Neither Justin nor Alisha have spoken out publicly about the rumors of their possible relationship.