AEW News: All Elite Wrestling Star Reveals Why WWE Didn’t Offer Him A Contract

Luke Perry's son tried to go to WWE, but it was AEW who brought him in.

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Luke Perry's son tried to go to WWE, but it was AEW who brought him in.

While All Elite Wrestling may end up having a number of different superstars that were once in WWE, not all of them come from Vince McMahon’s promotion. AEW also has some untapped talents such as Jungle Boy who are looking to prove themselves to the world. There are a lot of stories following the young wrestler, but many don’t realize that he did try out for WWE once. In a recent interview, he revealed why they didn’t offer him a contract.

Some may not even realize it, but Jungle Boy — real name Jack Perry — is the son of the late actor Luke Perry, who died earlier this year. His son was always interested in wrestling and wanted to do it professionally, but many seemed to think that he simply didn’t have the size and skill for it.

As reported by Wrestling Inc., Jungle Boy spoke of how his father loved professional wrestling and attended a number of shows. He would go to them because he felt as if there were many strange people around the wrestling community and even felt as if there “were a lot of freaks” at the events,

The more he learned, the more Jungle Boy loved competing at events because his dad was a big fan and would go watch him perform. He almost had the chance to watch him wrestle for WWE, but it appears that the promotion felt he was too small.

Jungle Boy revealed that he was an extra at times for WWE but was never offered a full-on contract. As a matter of fact, he revealed that the company wouldn’t take him as he was and wanted him to put on a considerable amount of weight in order to be offered a deal.


“They basically told me, they were like, ‘Look,’ they were like, ‘if you put on 30 pounds or whatever, we will give you a job, but the way it is, it’s not going to happen.’ And I was just so bummed. I was like, ‘It bums me out that that’s the one thing that it gets hung up on because I know what I can do and I can do a bunch of stuff, but I think there are a bunch of guys who are way bigger than me who are not nearly as good and it’s silly to me to get so hung up on that.'”

The pint-sized wrestler is 5-feet-10-inches tall and weighs a mere 150 pounds, but AEW saw something in him that was special. It also helped that his dad was a big-time fan of Dusty Rhodes, which gave Jungle Boy a lot of attention from Dusty’s son Cody Rhodes.

There are many stars in All Elite Wrestling who just needed a place to prove what they can do and show how talented they are. Jungle Boy is very young and has a long career ahead of him, but he owes much to AEW for simply giving him the chance to be a star in the ring. Of course, there is the chance he could have signed with WWE, but he felt as if he didn’t need to change who he is to be successful.