Hoda Kotb Shares Snippets Of The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade As The Annual March Struts Through Manhattan

Hoda Kotb didn't forget her 1.4 million Instagram fans on Thursday when a highly anticipated holiday march took to New York City streets. As she and Savannah Guthrie -- who showed up despite a serious eye injury -- co-hosted the 93rd annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, the newly engaged newscaster made sure she caught some special highlights to share on social media.

Hoda and Savannah seemed thrilled as Snuffleupagus was about to pass by their broadcasting station. Both morning show staples had their mouths wide open as the comical elephant, who perhaps should have been named Scruffy instead of Snuffy, sauntered along. The snap was taken in front of Macy's Herald Square, the flagship of the department store's chain located on 34th Street in Manhattan.

The red character with the blue head did his Sesame Street family proud, swinging his trunk while canoodling with parade watchers. Among them, Hoda and Savannah were both dressed for cold weather as the pair took on the role of enamored spectators.

Hoda rocked a puffy white coat and stage makeup, including enhanced brows, black liner, black mascara, and red lipstick. Savannah wore a pink woolen scarf, a black puffy coat, and eyeglasses as she stood beside her co-host. Both women rocked wind-blown hair, indicative of the harsh weather in the Big Apple on Thanksgiving morning.

Eight hours after her post went live, more than 58,000 fans liked the photo. In addition, 431 followers commented on the image of Hoda, Savannah, Snuffy, and the New York City street scene.

"I'm so relieved everyone can see Snuffy now! That used to really stress me out," stated one fan.

"Lol! Watching you guys now!! Have fun!! My husband is working there too (NYPD). Enjoy!" said a second follower, who added a red heart and a happy face emoji to the cheerful post.

After Snuffy made his appearance and after Hoda shared a look at the popular Sesame Street character, the Today anchor put up an Instagram video of what appeared to be dancing peppermint candies.

As part of the Thanksgiving Day parade, the dozens of talented performers from all over the country did a choreographed dance -- under the umbrella of the Spirit of America Dance -- that resembled a Rockettes-style number. Their addition to the march took place at the end of the parade route, right before Santa Claus made his appearance for 2019.

Many of Hoda's Instagram fans and followers seemed pleased with the big event, while others worried about Savannah.

"Wow I missed [this performance] but thank you!" stated one happy fan.

"Please tell Savannah to take care of herself!" pleaded a second Instagram user, who added a red heart to her request.