'Teen Mom 2' Star Kailyn Lowry Admits She Is A Hypocrite After Giving Advice Against Divorce

Kailyn Lowry has been divorced, but doesn't necessarily think it is always the best option. The Teen Mom 2 star took to Twitter to offer advice against divorce, but also admitted that she is a somewhat of a hypocrite on this score. She would then go on to explain her stance.

On Monday, Jenelle Evans' ex-husband -- Courtland Rogers -- spoke out on Twitter, revealing that he wanted to get a divorce. That is when Kail jumped in and explained why that wasn't a decision to take lightly.

"Before you do this, think about why. Then ask yourself if it can be worked thru... don't give up bc it's 'easier' to move on to the 'next best thing'... you will eventually struggle in the next relationship so cherish what you have courtland! Love is a commitment," Kail wrote in response to his tweet.

Her tweet received over 600 likes from her 1 million-plus followers. Said tweet was also shared several times, being retweeted over 50 times by the mom-of-three's followers.

Of course, Kail's tweet also received some criticism. Some users called her out for her divorce from the father of her second child, while other critics told the reality show star that she shouldn't be giving relationship advice. Still others pointed out that Courtland and his wife had recently welcomed a baby.

The Teen Mom 2 star married Javi Marroquin back in 2012. The two had one son together before ultimately getting divorced. Both moved on from the marriage quickly, with Javi dating Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus. Kailyn then moved on with Chris Lopez and had another son, though the two are not currently together.

Kailyn acknowledged that her tweet could be seen as hypocritical, saying, "Even when it's hard!!! I know I'm being a hypocrite but it's only bc I've been thru it!!!"

Although her tweets received some criticism, she didn't reply to any of the negativity. However, Courtland did acknowledge Kailyn's tweet, and even replied back to the mom-of-three.

Courtland said that he appreciated Kailyn's tweet, and her thanked her for her words, writing, "It means a lot to have someone try and keep us together rather than pull us apart like everyone else so thank you."

According to Us Weekly, Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers married in December of 2012, though the marriage didn't last long. They separated in April of 2013, but their divorce was not finalized until 2014. Following her marriage to Courtland, she met Nathan Griffith and together they had a son, her second, whom they named Kaiser.