Miley Cyrus Cuts Her Hair Into A 'Mullet' In Surprising Instagram Video

Miley Cyrus has trimmed her long blond waves in favor of a "mullet."

According to Insider, the "Wrecking Ball" singer chose to bring in her 27th birthday by having her mom shear her locks into something resembling a retro mullet. Tish Cyrus, the pop star's mother, can be seen on Instagram in a video taken this past Saturday, chopping away at Miley's hair. The pop singer's shocked face was captured in the reflection of a bathroom mirror. In comments left on Instagram, Tish teased that she was gifting her daughter the haircut as a birthday gift.

Miley -- whose new hairstyle has inspired comparisons to Joan Jett and David Bowie on Twitter -- then went to her long-time personal hairstylist, Sally Hershberger, to neaten the look and bring it all together.

Hershberger evened out Miley's cut and infused her hair with a keratin treatment, something which adds luster, strength, and shine to tresses for a few weeks. The keratin treatment lengthened Miley's hair and tamed much of its natural waviness to give a sleek, bone-straight look. The stylist shared her handiwork in a photo on Instagram, one which shows Miley's ends as more evenly trimmed. Despite the finishing touches put on Miley's haircut, some fans were not impressed. Many of her fans took to social media to criticize Hershberger's work on the trim.

"Looks bad," wrote one fan.

"This is the worst haircut I've ever laid my eyes on u call urself a hairstylist," another Instagram user said in the comments section.


Hershberger defended the hairstyle in a sharp response to critics, wherein she shared insight from her years of experience as a hairstylist.

"First of all, if you knew anything about hair, it's the position she's in — that's why it looks that way. It's 100% even and she also had it straightened so it's more severe, which I actually like. That being said, chill out and know it's a modern mullet which is very cool but it's something you probably aren't even well-versed in."

Miley's hair upgrade comes during a tumultuous time in her life. The singer and former Disney actress has faced considerable hardship since filing for divorce from husband Liam Hemsworth -- doing so after a considerably long engagement and a year of marriage. According to The Inquisitr, she is currently seeing Cody Simpson, though the couple's relationship is constantly beleaguered by rumors that the pair are on the verge of a breakup.