Hunter Biden Accused Of Getting Very Raunchy With Strippers At Famed Manhattan Club

Astrid StawiarzGetty Images

Lurid new details are emerging about Hunter Biden‘s purported regular trips to a famed Manhattan strip club, where he allegedly got very raunchy with one of the dancers.

The New York Post‘s Page Six has been chronicling the exploits of the son of presidential candidate Joe Biden after the revelation that Hunter was sued for paternity by a woman who worked as a stripper in Washington, D.C. The woman, Luden Alexis Roberts, claimed that Hunter is the father of her child — and that the two met while she worked under the name “Dallas” at the Mpire Club in Washington.

Hunter allegedly also had some other favorite adult entertainment spots along the eastern seaboard. A new report claimed that he was also a frequent customer at Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club NYC in Manhattan, stating that he got very amorous with some of the talent. The report alleged that Biden was seen at the club accompanied by an unidentified woman, and that, together, the two retreated to a private room where they ordered high-priced alcohol and were entertained by a group of dancers.

Hunter brought more than just alcohol along, the report said, and during one visit he was allegedly so high that the staff had to warn him against drug use on the premises. That same night, Hunter reportedly sent out for a sex toy to be purchased. After it was delivered to the club, the dancers used it on Hunter, per the same report.

Though he may have gotten a warning against drug use, the report noted that Hunter was an “ideal” customer — and a good tipper as well. His trips apparently went under the radar at the time, not reaching the public until the New York Post‘s series of stories about his alleged shenanigans.

Hunter has found himself in the spotlight amid his father’s run for president. Donald Trump has accused both Hunter and his father of corruption related to Hunter’s business interests in Ukraine, where he served on the board of a major energy company. Trump had pressed the Ukrainian president to investigate the company — and allegations that Joe Biden fired a prosecutor who was looking into the company — and is now facing an impeachment inquiry because of those actions.

Other Republicans have joined in the attacks on Hunter Biden, including Senator Lindsey Graham. Graham requested documents related to the Bidens’ dealings with Ukraine, and called for a congressional investigation.