Reality Steve Reveals Latest ‘The Bachelor’ Rumors About Peter Weber’s Final Rose Pick

Maarten de BoerABC

Spoiler king Reality Steve has opened up about the latest rumors for Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor. He made it clear that he is still not yet ready to run with a firm spoiler regarding what he believes went down at Peter’s final rose ceremony. Despite that, he did acknowledge a big rumor that is making the rounds.

Reality Steve‘s latest podcast, shared via his blog, teased plenty of tidbits from Peter’s season. He broke down a handful of stories that happened during the early parts of the season, and then he addressed rumors that are swirling about Peter’s supposed pick.

Previously, Reality Steve has shared that Peter’s final three options are supposedly Victoria Fuller, Hannah Ann Sluss, and Madison Prewett. Due to a fair amount of drama that reportedly surrounded Victoria, the blogger’s The Bachelor spoilers claimed that Victoria did not win Peter’s final rose.

Now, Reality Steve acknowledges that a lot of people in Alabama claim that they know the outcome of Peter’s season. He says he has heard from plenty of sources in the area who claim that Madi ended up with Peter’s final rose, and that the two are currently engaged.

If Peter does pick Madi — and if they are engaged, and a lot of people in her home state of Alabama know as much — then a lot of people have heard details that are supposed to be kept under wraps until the finale.

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It’s not uncommon for a few close friends and family members to get the scoop from the final pick each season. However, if Madi did “win,” word has spread much farther than it is supposed to at this stage.

While Reality Steve acknowledged the escalating rumors that Madi is engaged to Peter, he cautioned The Bachelor spoiler fans not to bank on this yet. He says he has heard a lot of different things about how Peter’s season supposedly ends, including that Madi got the final rose.

However, so far, Reality Steve says that he hasn’t received the kind of confirmation he feels he needs to say that this rumor about Madi is true. People may be saying that Peter got engaged to Madi, but Steve detailed that he is not 100 percent convinced yet that this rumor is true.

Of course, Reality Steve will likely share more as soon as he receives what he feels is sufficient confirmation. Peter’s season of The Bachelor doesn’t debut until January 6, and solid spoilers about that final rose ceremony — and supposed engagement — will likely emerge long before that premiere.