Dog Finds Newborn’s Body In Oklahoma City

Dog discovers newborn's body

Oklahoma City, OK – A family dog found the body of a newborn in southeast Oklahoma City Saturday.

Homicide detectives said the dog found the baby’s body and brought it back to its home in the 15000 block of S Air Depot Boulevard.

A woman who was house sitting for the family saw the infant’s body shortly before 8 am and called 911. Officers are trying to determine where the dog found the body, but the dog is known to wander around a large area near the house and may have retrieved it from a nearby field.

Officers searched the field with K9 units and helicopters but were unable to find the area where the dog found the baby. Investigators said they weren’t sure if the child was born dead before its body was dumped.

Investigators said they had no other information about the incident.

Last month, a newborn girl was found wrapped in a Walmart bag left on a Houston street. The baby, fortunately, was still alive and was discovered by a woman walking her dog. The baby still had her umbilical cord attached and was reportedly in good condition. Emergency workers said, while the umbilical cord had not been clamped, it appeared that the mother had cleaned her up after the birth.

A newborn boy was found abandoned underneath bushes in a parking lot in Pompano Beach, Florida,last month. The infant was discovered by a a woman who was picking up her child from daycare. The baby boy was sleeping when he was found and was wearing a blue blanket, hat, and pacifier. His umbilical cord had not been surgically cut, meaning he was most likely not born in a hospital.

Oklahoma, Texas, and Florida all have safe haven laws, which give mothers the options of surrendering their infant to authorities with no questions asked.

What do you think should happen to people who abandon their newborns?