Emily Ratajkowski Shares Sexy Silhouette Pic From A Tropical Paradise

David LivingstonGetty Images

Emily Ratajkowski shared a new Instagram update today, where she put her sexy silhouette on display. The photo was in black-and-white, with the model pretty much left in darkness. This meant that the photo emphasized her curves, which popped against the light backdrop. The stunner stood by an outdoor patio, which had wooden panels and a low wall.

The first photo showed Emily standing with her left leg popped, as she faced the camera. She placed her left hand on her thighs. The model also wore her hair down, which could be seen brushed over her left shoulder. Thanks to the lighting, the stunner was pretty much shrouded in darkness, with her face not being visible. Just a small bit of light lit up her left thigh.

The second photo was a slight variation of the first, as Emily was seen arching her back even more. This emphasized her small waist and curvy hips, with her chest visible. Behind the stunner was an ocean view, with a small dock to the right. Plus, a table and two wire chairs could be seen to the left on the patio. There was also a tropical vibe, which was likely thanks to the top of the frame, where the edge of a hut roof could be seen.

Although Emily didn’t indicate whether she was nude or not, it seemed like she might have been. After all, the photo was only of her silhouette, which made details hard to discern. With this being said, it didn’t look like she was wearing any clothes, but perhaps she opted for a small bikini.

Fans seemed to love the update, with plenty of people leaving compliments for the bombshell in the comments section.

“My brightness can’t go up any further,” joked a follower, who’s seemingly trying to make more out of the image.

“You have the luckiest husband in the world he has you,” wrote an admirer.

“Yep. My boyfriend is gonna break up with me,” joked a fan.

“Lol do you ever feel confident for second and then see this,” said a fourth Instagram user.

In addition, the model shared another update yesterday that was from the same location. She sported a skimpy thong bikini for the shot and faced her back to the camera. The photo was in color, which revealed the colorful, blue ocean in the backdrop. The sky was cloudy but bright, and Emily looked back over her shoulder with a coy expression on her face.