Rebecca Budig Confirms ‘General Hospital’ Exit, She & ‘Daughter’ Jophielle Love Share Sweet Posts On Instagram

Rebecca Budig attends the premiere for 'L.A.'s Finest'
Rodin Eckenroth / Getty Images

Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital was a rough one for fans of actress Rebecca Budig, and it looks like it was rough on her pint-sized cast member as well. Rumors had been making the rounds over the past couple of weeks that Rebecca was departing the show again, and fans were not happy. Now she is confirming her exit.

The most recent episode showed Nikolas orchestrating an assault on Hayden, and he miraculously showed up to save her. She thought that this was more of Valentin’s efforts to manipulate her, and she agreed to Nik’s suggestion that she leave Port Charles until the codicil issue is resolved.

Hayden went over to Finn’s where her daughter Violet was spending the night and shared a heartbreaking goodbye. General Hospital fans may have been hoping that Thursday’s show would bring a reversal of this decision to leave Port Charles. Unfortunately, now the actress has confirmed that’s not happening.

Once the show had aired across the country, Rebecca shared a touching post on her Instagram page that consisted of two photos. The first showed her with General Hospital co-star Michael Eason (Finn) and the second snapshot was of Jophielle Love (Violet). In the caption, Rebecca wrote about her departure.

Rebecca noted that friends like Michael are hard to come by and she made it clear that she quickly came to adore Jophielle. The actress noted that she believes she’ll cross paths with Michael again, or at least she hopes that will be the case.

At this point, fans do not know why General Hospital decided to send Hayden packing once again. Rebecca’s original departure in 2017 prompted an enormous backlash from viewers and people were thrilled to see her return. Everybody seems to agree that they want this to be a short-term farewell, especially now that Violet has been introduced.


Jophielle also shared a sweet photo to her Instagram page after Wednesday’s show aired. The photo appeared to be a still shot from the scene where Hayden said goodbye to Violet, and Jophielle wrote the caption as her character.

Rebecca and Jophielle grew very close in the short time they worked together on General Hospital. In her caption, the 5-year-old actress noted that she loved Rebecca and comments from fans expressed their hopes that the duo would be reunited on-screen again soon.

Based on Rebecca’s note, it doesn’t sound as if there is any concrete plan to bring her back to General Hospital in the near future. This somewhat sudden exit appears to have fans feeling frustrated and disappointed right alongside Rebecca herself and they hope this will be a short-term storyline development with Hayden returning to Port Charles soon.