'Supergirl' Star Melissa Benoist Makes Brave Revelation About Previous Abusive Relationship In New Video

Supergirl actress Melissa Benoist took to Instagram on Wednesday to reveal that she's a survivor of domestic violence. In the 14-minute Instagram TV (IGTV) clip, Melissa recounts the details of the abusive relationship as she reads from a prepared statement. She said that her former partner started off as a friend who offered support when the actress was going through a difficult period in her life. Their rapport went downhill, however, when the friendship blossomed into a romance.

"The abuse was not violent at first. At first, it reared its head at me under the guise of common dysfunction, coming from his insecurity and depression," she said.

"He confided in me the tragedies that he had experienced, the injustices and the insecurities that he had been dealt. It was all very real and easy to sympathize."
She later disclosed that the first incident of physical abuse happened when her ex threw a smoothie at her. The level of violence escalated from there.

"I learned what it felt like to be pinned down and slapped repeatedly, punched so hard the wind was knocked out of me, dragged by my hair across pavement, head-butted, pinched until my skin broke, shoved into a wall so hard the drywall broke, choked," she added.

She went on to add that she'd try to lock herself in rooms order to escape the abuse but that her former partner would break down the door. Melissa also mentioned one incident in which she reciprocated the violence in order to protect herself from him.

Melissa said that her former partner later threw an iPhone at her which left her with serious injuries. She claimed that the impact of the mobile phone on her face tore her iris and left her with a broken nose and swollen lip. This incident led her to finally end the relationship.

As of this writing, the video has been watched more than 275,000 times on the actress' IGTV channel and over 6,000 people have commented on it. The comments section is filled with supportive messages, and some Instagram users shared their own stories of intimate partner violence.

In a follow-up post on her main Instagram page, Melissa said that she was inspired by other women to share her story after hearing their stories. She also encouraged women who are dealing with abuse in their personal relationships to seek help, and she shared the number for the National Domestic Violence Hotline.

Melissa did not share the name of the previous partner who allegedly abused her.