November 28, 2019
Amanda Cerny Shows Off Tight Abs In Sports Bra And Comfy Sweatpants In New Makeup Free Photo

Amanda Cerny appears to have been spending some downtime in her living room when the photos in her latest Instagram post were taken. In the shared snapshots, the actress and social media star is seemingly makeup-free, dressed in a black sports bra with comfy-looking red plaid sweatpants as she poses for two selfies. The model is also rocking a pair of spectacles -- an accessory that rarely makes an appearance in her posts -- and wearing her long brown hair up in a messy bun.

In the first photo, she's striking a chill, nonchalant pose. In the second image, she's standing in the same way while holding up a peace sign.

Even though the outfit and setting aren't glamorous, the photos still do a great job of showing off Amanda's chiseled six-pack.

"Ok, but do we like natural Cerny in her natural Miami habitat?" she asked her 26.3 million fans in the caption.

The post has accumulated over 225,000 likes and over 800 comments as of this writing. In the comments, many fans assured her that they approved this more natural version of Amanda Cerny.

"Still the hottest in the room," one fan wrote.

"We like all the Cernys in any habitat," another added.

" I love natural Cerny, both of you are amazing though!" a third Instagram user commented. "But natural Cerny gets a solid 10/10 for me!!"

"You're so beautiful," a fourth commenter gushed. "Natural beauty love."

This isn't the first time that Amanda has shared an Instagram photo in which she isn't all dolled up. However, the last time she did so, the image was an extreme close-up. Amanda's face was bare in that selfie, giving the viewer the opportunity to clearly see it all of its "imperfections." In the caption, Amanda shared a powerful message about the difference between the filtered beauty of social media and real life. She warned her followers against comparing themselves to the gorgeous images of people they see on their timelines.

"Strip it all down and we all have dark circles or freckles or fine lines and blemishes... That's what's real," she wrote. "You're beautiful, babe."

The photo has been liked over a million times since it was posted on October 9 and over 21,000 people have commented on it.

Amanda's most recent photo is the first time she's looked less than glamorous in an Instagram photo of herself in recent weeks. She had been heavily promoting her 2020 calendar in quite a few of her previous posts this month. The project's theme, as previously reported, revolves around ecological concerns.