Meghan McCain Says She Was Humiliated When Her Dad Outed Her Crush On Leonardo DiCaprio

Kristine Lofgren

On Tuesday, Meghan McCain gave some insight into what it was like growing up with a famous father. She explained on The View that one of the more humiliating experiences she had in her childhood was when her father, John McCain, told the world she had a crush on Leonardo DiCaprio.

The revelation came when The View hosts were discussing rapper T.I.'s decision to go to the gynecologist with his daughter in order to make sure she was still a virgin. The 35-year-old host said that she could relate to T.I's daughter because she had her own privacy violated when she was 13 by her dad, according to People magazine.

"[T.I.] didn't have her permission to talk about her sexuality. I know what it feels like to have a dad who everybody knows," she said on Tuesday's show. "Men are already scared to go out with you because they're worried about what to deal with. So now Deyjah is going to have to deal with every man she goes out with knowing that her dad was so obsessed with her sexuality that he got her checked by a gynecologist."

T.I. made headlines when he said that he has gone to the doctor with his daughter every year to make sure that her hymen was still intact because he didn't want her getting pregnant. His comments were met with an intense backlash from people across the political spectrum, including his own daughter. Meghan said she felt that his comments exposed his daughter's privacy.

As part of her tirade against the rapper, she went on to say that a woman can break her hymen riding horses, doing gymnastics, or participating in athletics, but regardless of the situation, it was none of her father's business.

"My dad, when I was 14, went on Firing Line and talked about how I had a crush on Leonardo DiCaprio," she said.

At the time, the deceased senator from Arizona said that his daughter was obsessed with the actor.

T.I. claims that his comments were misunderstood and blown out of perspective, but Meghan said that regardless of his intentions, he violated his daughter's privacy. Still, she acknowledged that the situation with T.I. wasn't the same as what she experienced, but she did think she had some perspective because she was "furious" with her father for exposing her emotions to the public.

Meghan also made sure to explain that she was no longer obsessed with the actor.